3 things you should never wear to gym

09/12/14 by Vanessa Evans

One of the questions you hear most upon joining a local gym has little to do with losing weight, gaining muscle or finding the right balance of exercise and nutrition.
The most asked question of would be exercisers centers on clothing, more specifically what they should wear to the gym.
As silly as that sounds, you'd be shocked to know that most new exercisers aren't sure about the attire to the gym more than how to operate the treadmill or which dumbbells work best with bulging biceps.

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So what exactly is considered feasible, fashionable and acceptable for the gym?
The trick is keeping it simple: shoes, sweats and shirts.
But even that sound, logical advice escapes new exercisers and even the ones that have had a penchant for pumping iron for years. This creates an uneasy atmosphere at the health club, particularly when you're standing side by side a member of the gym that looks ridiculous in what they've decided to wear. And keep in mind, this isn't the 80 year old man who is rocking a headband. He gets a pass. The following outfits don't.
1. Jeans: We understand that you're super busy and you have to come to the gym right after work a lot of the time, but that isn't an excuse to rock your stone washed denim jeans at the office on casual day, then turn around and not change into something else when the workout starts. Jeans aren't comfortable and the idea of sweating inside denim doesn't make for the most opportune or advisable workout.
2. Short shorts: If you are opposed to wearing sweat pants at the gym or the dog days of summer are telling you that it is too hot for long pants, you'll most likely turn to shorts for the workouts. What you don't want to do is make short enough so that literally nothing is left to the imagination. The idea behind working out is moving your body, arms, legs included, so the idea of doing squats or jumping jacks with shorts that look like they were painted on your body isn't advisable.
3. Sandals: OK, let's forget about the fact that this idea looks remarkably bad. Sandals are for the beach, lounging by the pool or throwing on something in the summer just to walk to the mailbox. Wearing sandals at the gym not only looks bad but is incredibly dumb when you consider you're lifting weights that range from five pounds to 100 pounds, all of which are going to hurt tremendously if and when you drop the weight on your foot. That's not to suggest that sneakers are going to save you from any harm but sandals will do nothing to help you from breaking a few toes.

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