View from the bottom: Why 'The View' looks rather bleak for upcoming season

09/13/14 by Rennie Detore

I don't watch "The View," in the sense that I don't make a habit of sitting down to watch the program. Based on the makeup of my household, more specifically my wife running the household and the DVR remote, "The View" makes it on to my recorded shows every day without fail.
And occasionally while we're catching up on television shows, she'll whip through the shows and part of that routine and repertoire is watching past episodes of "The View," mostly on fast forward.
The latest "View" incarnation, which included Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd, along with Barbara Walters, the show's visionary.

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Walters has retired, at least from on air work, and McCarthy and Shepherd left the show after one and seven years, respectively. As a not so avid fan of the view, I liked what I saw from McCarthy. She seemed to breathe a little life into the staleness that was "The View."
She didn't bicker.
She didn't try to be the star of the show, but was a notable player, even if it was only short lived. The host slash moderator, Whoopi Goldberg, is enjoyable in spots but her act is tired, jokes stale and, ironically, perfect for day time television.
So now, Whoopi is still standing, but Sheppard and McCarthy will be replaced for this upcoming season, and the verdict about the new "Viewers" is anything but compelling. Rosie Perez, Rosie O'Donnell and Nicolle Wallace are joining Whoopi, and while the show's producers might be trying to spin this as a winning ensemble and formula for success, it feels more like someone is going to be airing day time reruns once the season premiere rolls around this Fall.
The interjection of the two "Rosie's" is a television train wreck ready to happen. Rosie Perez is going to grate on the nerves of viewers since she hasn't been relevant since "White Men Can't Jump." Just in case you're counting that movie is more than two decades old.
And adding Rosie O'Donnell is risky at best, since she's remarkably polarizing of a figure. The producers of "The View" probably view that trait as a positive characteristics that could equal ratings, predicated on the "what is she going to say" premise. There's also a large group that know already that they don't like O'Donnell and aren't going to watch.
Those in the middle might check it out and once she puts her foot in her mouth (probably within a few shows), turn the channel for good. O'Donnell, much like Perez, hasn't done anything recently to warrant this type of spotlight. Truthfully, she had tremendous success with her own talk show as more of a one woman show. Sharing the screen with three others could prove difficult for O'Donnell and her large ego.
And then there's Nicolle Wallace, a political piece of the puzzle gets to go toe to toe with comedians when they all feebly attempt to tackle real issues.
So ABC can trot out all the promotional pics of this foursome hugging and smiling, but the reality is the "cast" isn't going to create the buzz the network thinks.
I'm sure "The View" isn't going to be leaving my DVR any time soon (mostly because my wife won't want to change the settings). Only this year, the fast forward button might be replaced by one delete after another.

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