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Cat's meow: How to find right vet easier said than done

When you're sick, you make it a point to find just the right doctor, and you'll search high and low until you find the perfect match.
For pet owners, they take a similar approach when it comes to finding the right veterinarian, more specifically doing plenty of research, making calls and grilling the doctor on call and making sure they're fit to take care of man's best friend, the household cat and anything else you might have.
So what exactly goes into finding the right vet beyond heading to Google and searching the word "veterinarian" and adding your city and state?
You have to make sure the location, first and foremost, is convenient. The last thing you want is to have to travel out of your way with a dog crate or cat carrier in tow for miles upon miles. The vet office itself should be within a few minutes from your home at most; keep in mind you have a very frightened pet on your hands.
For random check ups, you shouldn't be afraid to ask about the doctors, particularly if there is more than just one or two of them floating around on a daily basis. The reason behind that question is two fold: you don't want to spend most of your time in the waiting room and it's always good to have a variety of experts on hand for the simple fact that not every cat and dog are the same, or share common symptoms.

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And like any relationship worth noting and ultimately keeping, you and your vet, along with your pet as well, have to truly bond with the doctor in question. Every vet has a different approach, both with the bedside manner and treatment options, be it passive or aggressive, so you need to be certain before you settle on one or the other that this is a match made in doggie heaven.
Furthermore, the supporting staff truly is key from a communication standpoint. Nothing is quite as frustrating as trying to ascertain information about a diagnosis from a technician who doesn't even know when your next appointment is much less what's happening with your pet. To that, you should make sure the assistants or techs are licensed, even if it isn't a requirement in your area or state.
Anyone who knows a pet owner or is one themselves understands just how passionate they can be and why they have such a propensity to properly choose a vet. Their pet is more than just a companion but rather a friend they'll do anything to shelter, help, protect and nurture.
That's why choosing a vet isn't a point and click affair but rather an undertaking that is backed by time, effort and being enamored with finding the right person to match up with your pet.

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