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Weight and see: Toning and shaping body doesn't always happen in gym

Losing weight, gaining muscle or just a little toning here and there is riddled with myths, mistakes and misguidance.
Perhaps one of more misleading pieces of information is working out at home, specifically body weight exercises, isn't going to get the job done in comparison to hiring a personal trainer, joining a gym or spending hundreds on at home equipment to the tune of treadmills, free weights and event the stray stability ball rolling around from time to time.
Truthfully, gym owners, managers and trainers alike don't want you to know a little secret about fitness, particularly when it comes to working out without them involved in the equation: your own body weight can be your best friend when it comes to losing weight or reaching exercise goals you've set for yourself.
Using only a few exercises in your living room or basement should be just enough to debunk those aforementioned myths but also keep your belly in check for the foreseeable future.
Take the pushup for instance.

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This simple exercise can be done in the full plank position (hands pressed against the ground, shoulder width apart) or with that same hand position only your knees are touching the ground versus having your legs fully extended.
The pushup not only works your entire chest, but also can help tone those troublesome triceps and upper back. Men or women can benefit from this easy does it move that doesn't include any fees or equipment.
Almost as beneficial as the pushup is the pull up, those pesky body weight moves that most of us couldn't muster in high school. The pullup is a favorite at home and only requires a pullup bar, modestly priced of course, to be placed inside any doorway in the house. The pull up works the back muscles but also hits the shoulders and forearms as well. Flip your grip and position your hands with your knuckles facing away from you and voila: you have a chin up, an amazing workout for your biceps that rivals any curl in the world.
Remember that stability ball you have; put that to good use and start thinking about getting yourself in that same pushup position but have your legs resting and extended with the ball under you. From that position, pull your knees toward your chin and you magically have a sensational abdominal workout that also works your chest and back simultaneously.
Granted, you may have to spend $10 on the stability ball or maybe another $20 on the pull up bar for your door way. That is a small price to pay to save hundreds or thousands on memberships and equipment.
The magic act is no slight of hand but rather your entire body at work.

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