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Fat chance: Good luck turning around the obesity epidemic in the United States

Stand up straight and take your head and look down.
If you don't see your feet but rather a whole lot of belly, you're not alone.
In fact now you're part of the majority. The latest statistics on the obesity epidemic in the United States officially has reached the more than half of the country milestone, not exactly reason to celebrate by any means.
According to published reports, 54% of Americans have what is called "abdominal obesity," which is up considerably from the previous year. For those keeping score at home, abdominal obesity takes a long, hard look at your waistline and determines if you're carrying more stomach than you should be. For men, it's 40 inch waists or higher; women, 35 inches.
Aside from the notion that last year's pants this year don't fit quite as well as they did in 2013, the latest waistline information and abdominal obesity shouldn't surprise anyone, unless of course you haven't been paying attention to trends in the last decade.

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In terms of weight, how we eat and the lack of exercise we get, there's no two ways about describing the United States: we're fat. Yes, the description of our physiques is that simple. Processed food, fast food dining, longer hours at work, additional stress about money, work, kids, school and anything else that you have on your mind all contribute to why the overweight and obesity issues isn't going anywhere any time soon.
But a lot of what ails the masses is the propensity to simply ignore judgment and good decision making when it comes to food and exercise. The latter is quite mind boggling given the number of 24 hour fitness chains popping up just about everywhere, not to mention that most of these clubs cost around $10 per month.
Money, however, often isn't so much the issue as it is time. The idea behind making exercise a priority is carving out time during the day and not waning from that game plan.
The food part is equal parts frustrating and riddled with blame, but not quite how you'd think. The frustrating part is the fact that good food is available, however, most who struggle with eating properly will argue that healthy food is too expensive for most. The last time anyone checked on the price of an apple, it probably rang in at less than a buck. How is that a snack or mini meal that is going to break the bank?
Trimming down, cutting the fat or just being a little healthier isn't necessarily easier but you have to wonder if we are making it harder than it truly needs to be.

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