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Flu bugged: Dodging colds and flu easier said than done

Try as you might to ignore it, cold and flu season is slowly creeping around the corner.
That means you'll most likely be one of millions who is left to stave off a stubborn cold or take time off work to battle the flu with everything from chills to high temperatures, along with aches, pains, sinus infections and anything else you can cram into a list of typical symptoms.
So how do you prevent colds and the flu?
The rules for attempting to prevent getting either of the two aforementioned afflictions is fairly consistent across the board. The trouble with prevention isn't so much you adhering to a certain set of rules but rather steering clear of the sickness that others might be carrying.
Work immediately comes to mind as most of your co workers probably opt to stay home when they're sniffling, sneezing or not feeling well. Then again, you'll have that segment of workers that think gutting out the flu or cold makes them a better value as an employee. But what they're really doing is creating a germ filled office and making your chances of getting sick that much greater.

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And here you are doing everything right.
You're washing your hands constantly to the point that the maintenance or janitorial staff is wondering why they're changing out so much anti bacterial soap (and just for the record, make sure your soap has the word "antibacterial" on it and it's not just a fruity hand soap without much cold or flu preventing power behind it).
Here's what else you're doing at work to stop from getting sick: you're not so quick to open doors, flip off light switches or press elevator buttons with your bare hand. Instead, you're pulling your shirt sleeve down to cover your fingers or you're using a tissue or paper towel to cover that same spot.
Even your best attempts might not be good enough, however, thanks to Mr. or Mrs. Sickly sitting next to you. That's when you have to take the prevention into your own hands and politely ask them to go home or to cough or sneeze in a different direction.
And if your boss made them come in, then shame on that person, too. If you're sick and aren't feeling well, stay home. It's what is best for the person not feeling well but easily is the best medicine for keeping everyone else out of bed.

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