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Phone home: Which smart phone is truly king?

The release of the iPhone 6 has once again given the technology community reason to rejoice but also rekindle a variety of discussions, mostly centering on which smart phone is better now that a new contender has interjected itself into an already competitive marketplace.
As for the iPhone 6, this device is impressive, albeit underwhelming given what already is available. The larger screen is barely worth noting given the "phablet" craze isn't anything new to cell phone providers or consumers alike. Apple, of course, has its operating system that you'll all grown to know and love, along with most customers clamoring for the name value that the Silicon Valley brand always brings to the table.
Apple still rolled out the red carpet for the iPhone as you'd expect, and cell phone fans will be lining up in droves to buy the device this coming Friday. But the fervor seems a little lighter than most years.
But the Android market has come to play, too, in the form of plenty of worthwhile phones, most notably the highly publicized, ultra sleek and touted Samsung Galaxy S5 (and no doubt 6 is on the way) and the Galaxy Note, a monstrous masterpiece that has its fourth installment on its way out to a retail store near you.
Selecting a smart phone, a lot of times, boils down to preference in terms of how you interface with the phone. That interfacing can be something as inconsequential and specific as having auto correct or a certain camera type based on the mega pixel count.

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Ironically, the iPhone is once again playing catch up when it comes to the cameras, as the Samsung brand phone is preferred, but you can't discount others as well that aren't part of the proverbial big two (i.e. Apple and Samsung).
The LG G3 is a stunning phone with a fantastic camera and the HTC One (M8) sports a battery life that is second to none, a particularly potent feature for the smart phone crowd that struggles to charge their phone several times throughout the year.
Choosing a clear cut favorite isn't possible per say but rather is predicated on what you like most. Finding a phone that works for your lifestyle and needs might put you outside the comfort zone that is Apple or Samsung, but still leave you a satisfied customer.
And when it comes to smart phones, isn't that what is truly most important?

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