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Weighting game: Why some foods secretly make you fat

Let's say you feel pretty good about your eating habits and overall nutrition, but still aren't getting the kind of results or numbers of the scale that you would like.
Did you know some of those so called healthy foods might be making you fat?
Despite claims by the people making these foods, drinks and snacks or labeling them everything from "healthy" to "diet" to "low fat," you may find yourself being misled to the point that you are gaining weight when you actually believe you're doing the opposite.
So what are these foods or items?
Easily the biggest culprit is the diet soda and drink market, which fills their drinks with artificial sweeteners that not only cause stomach issues or potentially cause cancer but actually make you feel like you want and can eat more than that serving size in front of you. Those who decided to skip the sugary soda and diet blend altogether in favor of club soda or plain, old water actually lost more weight than those who stuck with the diet brand.

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When you think of snacking, that Diet Coke or Pepsi probably sounds pretty good (and healthy) in favor of fried foods and regular soda. But snacks like pretzels and popcorn aren't going to rival the vegetable tray any time soon. Those snacks are filled with carbohydrates and sodium, both of which can attribute to excessive weight gain or feeling and looking bloated. Of course, pretzels and popcorn might be considered by the dieting crowd as more rational of a food to eat in comparison to the pork grinds and potato chips they were eating beforehand. And while pretzels and popcorn are better options, they're not nearly close enough to ideal for the person trying to truly trim down what they're eating and thus dropping weight in the process.
You'd also be wise to be leery of anything that is dubbed "sugar free" or "fat free," as most of these are just red flags that while sugar or fat, respectively, is missing, other ingredients that you don't want also may have been added.
For example, fat free food often is just another way of saying adding more sugar or carbohydrates, while the sugar free crowd is likely filling up on fat instead of the sugar you're missing.
Nothing fits the mold of healthy but not really more so than yogurt of the frozen variety. Yogurt that comes in the small, supermarket friendly snack sized containers from the likes of Dannon are quite healthy, but when you decide to hit the frozen yogurt stand you might as well just eat ice cream.
Sometimes from a calorie, sugar or fat content you really can't tell the difference.
And that usually is the case with a good chunk of these so called healthy foods.

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