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Career booster: How networking socially can be just what your career needs

When you think about the phrase "social networking," chances are your mind centers on updating your Facebook status, making a wry comment on Twitter or finding a great Thanksgiving Day recipe on Instagram.
But what about your job, more specifically your career? Have you ever considered that using social media should be more than telling the world what you had for breakfast or playing armchair quarterback after Sunday's big football game loss?
Chances are, you still haven't unlocked the power of social media as it relates to your job and perhaps searching out a better one or advancing at your current position.
What you may not realize is that your current employer and any other company, hiring manager or supervisor is spying on you, particularly your social media pages to see if you're the type of person they either want to keep, promote or hire.
Your Facebook page or Twitter feed, for example, is going to give them a window into your personal side, and whether they want to admit it or not, your company or would be employer cares about your character.

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That's why some who are aspiring to better careers have decided to keep their social media pages purely professional and have been inclined to forgo the drunken bar pictures or scantily clad beach photos in favor of keeping it simple and satisfactory. Some would call that boring, others who have had their social media page become a motivator for employers to not give them the job would call it common sense mixed with practicality.
Your page should be a melange of your interests, special skills while still having your human side shine through is the blend you should be aspiring to when it comes to your social media pages. That's not to suggest you should transform your social media pages into a resume or straight out cover letter, but it should be kept professional almost all of the time and focus on being a walking billboard for everything you do well, and that an employer would want to see and hear about before an interview or in the midst of looking for someone to promote.
Social media as it relates to your career is about refining your goals publicly and cultivating an image that shows the best side of you, rather than the one that doesn't belong on the internet.

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