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Case in point: Do you really need a cell phone case?

Think about the last time you bought a brand new smart phone. Once that purchase was complete, what was the next product on your radar when it comes to your device.
The answer most likely is a cell phone case.
At least it used to be.
Chances are, you still look to invest a decent amount of money on a case, whether it is at the point of sale when you buy the phone or perhaps after perusing Amazon or eBay in search for protection that isn't quite so expensive.
As far as the money aspect of it, cell phone cases are the proverbial cash cow, making boat loads of cash for those who manufacture them.

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That stream of revenue, however, might be in jeopardy.
Most of the newer model cell phones are being touted as being anything from waterproof to chilli proof and are being marketed under such monikers as "active," suggesting that no matter how careless you are with your phone that a case can be more of a maybe than a definite.
The Samsung Galaxy brand has nearly perfected the art of creating and crafting phones that don't need a case and allow you to have that ill fated lapse in judgment when it comes to your phone and, let's say, dropping it in the sink or diving in the pool forgetting that it is still in your pocket.
In fact, the construction of smart phones feature plenty of rock hard designs to the point that the cell phone case market is starting to worry. Most consumers still have the want and need to protect their devices but the desire to spend a ton of money on one of these accessories is waning at best.
Truthfully, not owning a cell phone case actually might be a bit of a blessing and could force consumers to be a little more careful with their investment. The cell phone insurance option also has allowed customers to skip the case in favor paying a few dollars extra per month in case something happens to your phone.
The one piece of salvation for those who still believe in the cases is the event that you may want to trade in your smart phone at some point. Aside from reselling it on your own, you may be one of the consumers that are currently leasing the device through one of the monthly payment plan options. This allows you to get the latest phones without signing a contract or paying an up front charge to buy the phone.
In this event, a case might be calling your name more so given that you really don't own the phone yet but are essentially leasing it.
Buying a case is never out of the question but the idea that it is an absolute must is no longer then norm.

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