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Training wheels: How to select a personal trainer that works

Having a personal trainer is much different than having a personal trainer that works.
The latter is about selecting the right person to fit your exercise, health and fitness needs without sacrificing exactly what you expect from having a professional at your fingertips.
The problem when it comes to choosing a personal trainer most of you don't treat the process with enough specificity and sincerity. When you join a gym and have hiring a personal trainer in your sights, you shouldn't necessarily take the person the salesperson assigns to you but rather inquire more specifically to find a trainer that fits your needs directly.
The typical protocol is you join the gym and then get handed over to a trainer sight unseen, at least that is the way it has been for years within this industry. Some health clubs have changed that approach but most of the big box chains still treat incoming members more like cattle than individuals, thus leaving you with a trainer that isn't quite the right fit.
When selecting a personal trainer, you want to find out a little more about not only their experience but the types of clients they already have, what their demeanor is during a session and if they're truly interested in helping you succeed or only are after making a sizable commission thanks to you purchasing one training package after another.

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The demeanor is especially important, depending on how you react to being pushed a little harder when it comes to exercise. Some of us need our hands held if we're new to exercise, while others might need more of a shove in the form of orders being barked at us or having said trainer yell a little in your face to get you motivated.
This isn't to suggest that choosing a trainer ranks up their with hand picking a doctor or surgeon or finding the perfect private school for your kids or day care for your young child, but being able to combat poor health or obesity shouldn't be perceived as not important or paramount to getting your fitness and lifestyle headed in the right direction.
Unfortunately, personal trainers have somewhat of a car salesperson type association with them, simply because not all trainers dabble in the profession for the right reasons. Some seek out money more so than lending a helpful hand, when in actuality if you're a trainer that shows compassion and dedication to your clients, their results (and being booked up in the process) will come, along with credibility as a trainer that matters.
The combination of a competent, honest trainer and the consumer making the most of an important decision is the formula for success that is more than just salivating in the moment but rather reaching goals that will last a lifetime.

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