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Mouse fad: Does the computer mouse even matter?

Not long ago, your computer mouse was equal parts essential and simple.
No one payed much attention to the mouse; it was standard, like the keyboard, and wasn't given much of a second thought as part of the package that was your home desktop computer or laptop, depending on your preference.
Today's computer mouse is hardly as rudimentary as it was a decade ago. It no longer is a piece of plastic with a thin cord and USB adapter at the end of it. No, the computer mouse in 2014 is marketed as anything from wireless to meant exclusively for gaming.
And what about the names and branding that goes along with the computer mouse?
What used to have names that mirrored that of their computer counterparts now include words like "stealth," "cobra," or a personal favorite, the "Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse." That mouthful is a monumental mouse that is designed for gamers that need an extra advantage while they're playing for hours on one particular online, computer based mission.

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In truth, somewhere between the mid 1990s computer mouse and the "DeathAdder," is where the computer mouse belongs.
Office workers and the people responsible for ordering supplies isn't going to stock up on the unnecessary and expensive "DeathAdder" any time soon, but accepting the very least in the way of a computer mouse is fine but hardly worthwhile for the employees. Most companies from an office supply and computer mouse perspective tend to lean toward the $20-40 per mouse range and decide that wireless is much easier and efficient for the subsequent workers.
As for the gamers in the group, some computer savvy experts argue that the cool blue light under the mouse or slick usage that is being marketed and sold as part of these products really don't make much of a difference, nor can they justify the price tag they carry with them.
To those in the know, they're touted as more smoke and mirrors rather than substance, but gamers themselves have found the computer gaming mouse essential in doing what they enjoy to its fullest extent.
So no matter what mouse category you fall into just don't fall for the sales pitch that tells you your computer mouse is only worth what the price suggests. The truth is a more expensive mouse might glide a little easier but in the end the cheaper version still works almost as well.

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