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Wrestling breakdown: WWE still trying to get game play down with video games

WWE 2K15 is the latest release from World Wrestling Entertainment, the billion dollar global entity that does sports and entertainment better than anyone in the world, such as the name suggests.
Their television ratings are tops in the cable television market, they have their own television network with an unmatched video library and they have branding down to a science, whether it is action figures, DVD releases or replica championship belts geared toward kids.
But one sector of the WWE model that has suffered in recent years, for the past decade in fact, has been its gaming and video game business. With the release of the 2K15 game, you have to wonder if WWE can finally recapture the magic it once had from a video game standpoint back when fans of the product clamored for the games being produced by THQ for systems like the Nintendo 64.
Here's a quick history lesson.
Around 2000, WWE had perfected game play as far as its wrestling games went. THQ and WWE were a tag team of epic proportions, and the games were remarkably easy to play because they didn't implement the combination buttons to do something as simple as a body slam. Titles that come to mind are "No Mercy" and "Wrestlemania 2000."

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There was no press three buttons at a time and the toggle switch at the same time just to execute a simple move. Instead, THQ crafted a game play that focused on simplicity with its game play, and the result is legions of fans that are longing for the days when WWE made playing wrestling rudimentary, rather than an exercise in frustration and futility.
Today's WWE gaming is exquisite from a graphic side of the business. Watching a commercial for WWE 2K15 could easily be confused with an actual episode of "Monday Night Raw," the company's flagship television show.
As wildly realistic as the graphics are for their last few gaming releases, that's how wacky the game play has been. Even though the "No Mercy" and "Wrestlemania 2000" games haven't been around for a decade and a half, fans still compare everything WWE produces to those games, more specifically how they pay.
THQ no longer exists, so the chances of a reunion with WWE is only wishful thinking. For fans of graphics and a WWE 2K15 roster that is loaded with legends and current WWE superstars, the latest WWE release will suffice, particularly if you don't mind breaking a sweat just to throw a drop kick.
Lovers of the old gaming platform might be sorely disappointed from yet another wrestling release that should be put in a sleeper hold.

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