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Denim disapproved: Expensive jeans more style than substance

Most men will argue adamantly that the cornerstone of their wardrobe are their jeans, either for the good or bad depending on everything from style to price.
The style part is easy to figure out. Some guys simply don't care what their jeans look like and have a tendency to wear them all wrong.
A few keys to take note of: no one wears flared jeans and if you want to wear skinny tapered leg denim, you shouldn't be older than 25 tops. The rest of the jeans market when it comes to men is littered with a lot of what ifs and guess work.
Do you go with boot cut jeans or relaxed fit? How about the idea that straight leg jeans versus ones that sit tighter in the backside? These questions needs answered on a case by case basis, with the person making the inquiry needing to take a long hard look at their fashion acumen and style and making a decision based on body type, age and what the rest of your wardrobe looks like.
Where things get even trickier is for the segment of the male population that wants to be defined by their jeans but is hung up on the notion that expensive jeans are the only ones worth buying, much less even looking at when you're out shopping.

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But is that mindset really a full proof one?
Truthfully, jeans that cost $100 might be more smoke and mirrors rather than something tangible that truly makes much difference. That isn't to suggest this is a free pass to raid the discount bin at a less reputable retailer when it comes to jeans. Quite frankly if you're shopping for jeans at the same place you buy your lettuce, that's a problem.
Keeping your peanut butter and jelly away from your jeans is paramount, but certain stores such as Macy's or American Eagle boast the kind of denim that is hardly deplorable, even if it doesn't cost a ton of money. Gap, Calvin Klein and Express also all produce quality denim that tips the scales at $50 or more but comes in well under the three digit figure mark.
And don't confuse that price tag with a lack of quality, either. Anyone who has worn or owned a pair of jeans from any of the aforementioned stores most likely would put them up against anything on the market that is priced higher. That's both a testament to the durability and design of those jeans but also a reaffirmation that the piece of clothing like denim that covers your bottom half doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.

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