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Eye opening: How to rid dark circles from under eyes

Nothing ranks quite as unsightly as dark circles under your eyes, a problem that can rear its ugly head for a number of reasons and should be equally concerning for both men and women.
The cause of dark circles can occur due to a lack of sleep, allergies or perhaps an underlying medical conditions. For most who struggle with dark circles, their issue isn't really anything they've done but rather saddled with genetics that aren't in their favor.
So how do you get rid of those dark circles?
To play it safe, you should always check these newly found dark circle symptoms with your doctor first and foremost just to make sure there isn't anything else going on other than a lack of sleep or something in the air.
Beyond that, you might want to implement simple changes to your diet, including drinking more water. Often a lack of hydration is the cause for dark circles, so something like adding a little more H20 can be the salvation. More sleep might also be helpful in addition to ridding your diet of additional sodium along with taking a daily vitamin, particularly focusing on C and K.

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As far as creams or over the counter products, those tend to be a little more style and less substance than you'd think. Most of the creams are tailor made to help cover up the dark circles but not necessarily get rid of them.
You might be better served to think deeper when you are aiming to get rid of these unsightly blemishes under your eyes. The old cucumber trick works just as well, if not better,
No one wants the dark circles under their eyes, but a lot of the time you are battling against not only genetics but age. You can't stop yourself from getting older and what happens is the skin under your eyes gets thinner thus making the dark circles more pronounced.
The safest bet might be to stop trying to eliminate the dark circles but rather live with them in harmony by just applying some sort of cover up. Plenty of reputable companies deliver sensational products for both men and women that are trying to look younger but more importantly healthier.
The dark circles are a dead giveaway that you're stressed, exhausted and tired, but if you've already tried your best to fix the sleeping or stressful issues and you're still stuck with dark circles, then sometimes a cover up is exactly what is needed.

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