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Christmas In July -- Top Toys For Christmas Already Jockeying For Position Under The Tree

The person who coined the phrase "Christmas in July" exercised incredibly foresight as far understanding just how early the marketing of the holiday season hits each year. How early have you seen a Christmas Tree display hit the hall of a major retailer? Some say they've seen Christmas trees or holiday decorations for sale as early as Labor Day, although conventionally as soon as Halloween candy goes bad, putting out Christmas trees is all good.
Customer pretty much adhere to the subliminal and in-your-face marketing for Christmas. You know you have that friend, relative or co-worker who proudly decrees that "my holiday shopping is done" and it's not even the end of August.
If you don't believe that consumers begin thinking Christmas in July, then you probably think Santa Claus still exists.
And with each year comes to proclamation of a toy or toys that will rule the holiday roost, that particular brand or item that parents will comb one retailer after another and feverishly search online for in the hopes that they're not greeted with the two worst words as summer turns into winter "Sold Out."
One of the more renowned players and holiday heavy hitters each year is Disney. Their brand is arguably the most sought after and famous in the world as kids begin carving out a Christmas list as soon they watch the latest Disney or Pixar movie or television show.

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This year is no different as Disney pushes toward the holiday season with three products prepared to do some serious sales damage before December 25. The release of Monsters University in 2013 re-established the film series as this was a much-anticipated prequel to the first movie 12 years earlier, Monsters Inc.
The arrival and overwhelming success of Monsters University has paved a way for any and all Monsters merchandise to be overwhelmingly popular this year, including clothing, stuffed animals and figures. In that same breath, Disney also released "Planes" and has a wildly popular TV show, "Sophia The First." The latter brings with it a series of exquisite Sophia dolls that certainly won't stay on the shelves for long.
As for "Planes," the products associated with this movie will be flying off the shelves and none as popular as the Dusty Crophopper RC (remote-control) plane. This is an awesome gift for kids as the remote control not only is easy to use but also is motion-activated; when you turn left, so does Dusty.
Other products worth noting are the always popular remote-controlled pets, for kids that are perhaps allergic or aren't old enough to have the real thing yet. Two in particular, Robo Fish and Teksta Robotic Puppy, seem primed for a heavy holiday push.
And that push is starting sooner than most people think.

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