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TV thinner: Are you eating out of boredom or real hunger?

Combating hunger is difficult. Understanding exactly why you're eating the first place can be equally hard.
When you think about hunger or the "stomach growling," thoughts turn to the time between meals, more specifically actually needing to eat versus the idea that you want to snack just for the sake of doing so.
Often hunger is misinterpreted or the word itself is used haphazardly to masque boredom or because snacking just sounds better than doing nothing. Perhaps the biggest culprit of overeating essentially is television. Various studies have show without fail that the general public and even the most cognizant health and fitness guru tends to eat more while you're sedentary and watching television. The idea of downing an entire bag of popcorn or crushing a sack of potato chips isn't uncommon when you're in the midst of an exciting sporting event or stunningly scary or dramatic movie.
Boredom places a close second to television as to the main reason you're overeating. You may think to yourself that you only eat when you're hungry but is that truly the case? The subconsciousness that is standing in front of the refrigerator and deciding what to eat, even though you just finished lunch or dinner, should be a red flag that you're eating because you simply don't have anything better to do. Late night eating can be a mix of both variables (television and boredom). Not being able to sleep often leads to the proverbial late night snack, but that isn't enviable for a number of reasons, mainly your digestive system.
Eating late at night makes your stomach work overdrive while you're sleeping, which can lead to stomach aches, cramping and ulcers. Perhaps you're having trouble sleeping because you're stressed at work. Stress plays a huge role in eating when you're not necessarily hunger, and that can occur with occasional snacking via the vending machine while you're in the midst of trying to finish a last minute report or have a meeting with your boss on the horizon.

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Nothing a bag of peanut M&Ms can't fix, right? Turns out after you eat that snack, you feel worse than before you had it.
The next time you pursue a snack or want to grab a bite to eat at the most inopportune times, consider whether you're eating because something looks appealing or you've got nothing better to do or if you're actually hungry for the right reasons.

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