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Boxed in: Blackberry's new square phone can't out run its reputation

Anyone who pays attention to the trials and tribulations of Blackberry, more specifically its rapid decline from popularity, pays close attention to this phone and what its next move might be, if any at all is made.
Blackberry, in perhaps its final attempt at relevancy and reinvention of its brand, has released its latest phone, the "Passport." The phone itself is insanely unique with a square design that looks like a graham cracker slab more than a phone. Think of the idea of carrying around a phone that is shaped like a napkin or piece of toast.
But as much as Blackberry deserves some credit for not completely throwing in the towel when it comes to making yet another phone, the reputation of the much maligned smart phone could be too much stigma and downside to overlook.
Blackberry once dominated the smart phone scope before the iPhone hit the market. Blackberry once was the chosen phone for business professionals who seemingly couldn't live without that clicking noise every time they used that famous keyboard.
But iPhone developed the touch screen, and the rest (including Blackberry) were history.

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Well, almost, anyway.
Blackberry is giving it one more try with the "Passport," and the design and features actually make it what you would consider serviceable but still not sensational enough to make a dent in an already crowded marketplace of smart phones.
One glaring aspect of the phone that doesn't work is the shape itself. It's odd, hard to hold and what seems to be a poor attempt at being a "phablet," a hybrid of phone and tablet in one. The phone also is missing a few apps that consumers love to use, namely Instagram.
The Blackberry isn't all bad. The keyboard works well, and the phone still has a soft spot for hard working individuals with several features that center on that particular group. The phone is fairly high priced considering Blackberry is trying to climb back into contention as far as smart phones are concerned.
Features, design and functionality aside, Blackberry still needs to do plenty of damage control and public relations work to fix its image with customers that have been sorely disappointed with their latest efforts. The "Passport" doesn't seem like the salvation the company was looking for but they're hoping its a push in the right direction.
The only problem is this could be the final push for the fledgling phone brand.

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