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Price pointed: Are you really getting great deal or just lip service?

Everyone loves a sale. Pricing is low, optimism is high, and energy flows through your body as you're about to save money, get what you want and spend less as a result.
But the idea of cashing in on a sale might lose a bit of its luster when you start to really think through some of the questions you should be asking yourself.
Are you really saving money or just being duped into thinking that is what is happening?
Do so called clearances or low price points limit what you can realistically buy and are just a means of getting you into the store?
Does marketing rhetoric like "prices starting as low as" grab your attention, only to let you down once you actually feast your eyes on the product or item at hand?

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Chances are, you've answered affirmatively to at least one of the those questions but you shouldn't be too hard on yourself if you've fallen victim to a clever bait and switch of sorts. A majority of the retail business falls into that category.
The grocery store also finds itself part of this as well, particularly when you get into the 2 for $5 or pricing of that ilk. You want to make certain that if you don't need two of a particular item you can get just one for half of the advertised amount. If not, the sale isn't much of a sale at all, as some retailers will give you a 2 for $10 special but charge you full price for just one of that very same item.
Doesn't make much sense, right?
What most of us can understand is the black and white prices placed in front of our eyes. There's really no mistaking that something that costs $500 isn't up for discussion or debate, but some of the more savvy retailers and marketing gurus make it a point to take that aforementioned $500 and reduce it by just $1.
That $499 price tag shouldn't mean much but to advertisers it is the difference between getting a consumer's attention or having a showroom full of televisions. You might assume that the small price adjustment of just $1 might not make a difference, but studies have shown that prices ending in 99 give customers the belief that they're spending more, thus they gravitate toward that type of pricing.
Some of you believe spotting a sale is as simple as seeing a sign within a store that says so. But before you believe wholeheartedly that you struck sales gold, make sure this offer isn't more sizzle than it is steak. If it is not something you can truly revel in as being a superb deal, then walking away is your best move.

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