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Lips concealed: Is it acceptable for men to wear a little makeup?

Chatter that centers on men wearing makeup typically is reserved for the leading men of Hollywood or perhaps the dad donning his vampire costume for yet another year of trick or treating this Halloween.
Never would any male within the general public actually consider wearing makeup to cover up a few wrinkles, make their skin look younger or even slap on a little eye liner en route to that concert you might be too old to be attending, right?
Think again.
Men making it a point to hit the makeup counter in broad daylight at a local retailer might be a little bit of a stretch but that doesn't mean you won't catch a glimpse of that same guy checking out a little tanning cream or under eye tightening masque at a more conspicuous type store, such as a Target or Wal Mart.
So how exactly do guys pull off wearing makeup and actually defending it as nothing more than wanting to look your best?

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First off, when you talk about makeup as it pertains to men certain products, such as lipstick, eye shadow or pronounced blush, is off limits for obvious reasons. Makeup and men go together only when the look you're trying to pull off is universal (i.e. looking younger or more tan) or something you'd consider subtle.
Remember guys, you're not Johnny Depp, one of the biggest movie stars of all time, so eye liner isn't going to fly in your office versus his. But even if you're not Johnny Depp, you still can find a happy medium between attempting to be red carpet ready and take a few years off your age by getting your hands on some concealer, age defying lotion or even a little tanning cream to make it look as though you just came back from the beach.
The problem with men and makeup isn't really much of an issue or dilemma at all, as long as your reasoning behind the decision is practical and the need is plausible. Certainly when it comes to makeup you can go too far, but that sentiment pertains to women as well as men. For guys, however, it's quite the fine line and slippery slope you teeter on when it comes to crossing over and adding makeup or related products to your repertoire.

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