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Slave to the swipe: Is your credit card controlling you?

When you stop and take a look at your credit card, what crosses your mind?
Are you pondering just how much you love having that plastic little piece of joy as a backup plan when all else fails? Or do you question yourself every time you use it, even if it is for an emergency purchase in the midst of a financial crisis?
Depending on what side of the proverbial fence you fall on determines if you're the one pulling the strings when it comes to your relationship with your credit card or the card itself is the one calling the shots.
Obviously the latter way of thinking is the more troublesome when compared to the former. For those who consider themselves financially savvy and smart, you are the group that we all aspire to be, the ones that have to literally dust off their credit card before using it and make it a point to only use money they have versus borrowing it from a creditor in giant lump sums and having to pay it back with higher than usual interest rates.
If you and your credit card are at odds, chances are you saw signs of this well before you got yourself into a tight spot from a debt standpoint.

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Perhaps the most ominous and telling sign of how you use a credit card is simply believing the notion that credit cards can be used for just about anything. Whether your washing machine calls it quits or you want to buy a new wardrobe in conjunction with starting a new job, your credit card ultimately is the first means of payment you think about when you're contemplating your next purchase.
Quite frankly, your credit card is only a viable option when you literally have no other options available and even that doesn't necessarily mean you should use it. When you call something an emergency in reference to a purchase, you should really mean that rhetoric. If the car breaks down and you need it to get to work, that's considered a must have repair and thus using your credit card is deemed acceptable. Buying a big screen TV for the upcoming Super Bowl just because would hardly be considered emergency like buying.
Furthermore, any credit cards you have should be your main priority. If that isn't the case then prepare to be in debt for quite some time. Your balances should be moving in the right direction, but if you're only making the minimum payment and, on top of that, adding to the debt, your outlook hardly is promising.
And it may be time to end your relationship with credit for good.

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