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Dieting dilemma: Is your diet derailed by outlandish thinking?

Dieting has never been an endeavor that's been welcomed with open armed, even if those arms in question are quite flabby.
That's because dieting is often associated with starvation, depravity and sacrifices that you simply don't want to make, even if you know they're necessary to start losing weight, being healthier overall and perhaps living a little longer than originally expected.
But even with all the benefits of dieting, the idea of actually executing the plan seems equal parts difficult and laborious. The irony of dieting, however, is that most of the complaining and resistance that goes along with not wanting to diet comes to fruition based on the mindset most of us have about dieting, rather than what the term actually means.
The idea of dieting isn't about not eating what you want or spending all of your free time counting calories but rather debunking stereotypes about food and simply employing a serious dose of common sense and practicality, two characteristics that often are missing when you start mulling over making changes to how you eat.
The majority of would be dieters tend to focus too much on what they can't eat instead of what they can. You could argue that the eating plan and food itself is a moot point if you don't take into consideration the amount of food you eat. Everyone has heard the phrase "moderation" before, and some take it to heart and others dismiss the idea that a little bit of ice cream once and a while still is overtly terrible of a food choice.

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Truth is, it isn't a bad food choice but rather one that still can be enjoyed no matter how much you're dieting. Unless you're training for a body building contest, you can have a few sweet and salty snacks some of the time. The key is having the restraint to eat a few handfuls of potato chips or a scoop of ice cream, rather than an entire bag or quart, respectively.
In addition, far too many struggling eaters tend to feast their eyes on the food at hand and want to enjoy all of it so much to the point that they eat beyond feeling full. One of the biggest missteps with dieting albeit one of the easier ones to fix is to simply stop eating once you feel as though you've had enough to eat.
Simple enough, right?
The fact is we collectively make dieting harder than it needs to be. Making the process easier and less stressful might be just the incentive you need to reach your goals without gaining more weight in he process.

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