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Change game: Don't like your house, fix it on your own

Everyone has that one room in the house (or maybe two) that you just don't spend much time in, and one reason almost inevitably comes to mind.
It's ugly.
Surprising as it sounds, you tend to shy away from lounging, working or entertaining guests in a particular room that you just don't like the looks of, whether you're talking about the color of the walls, the poor choice of carpet selection or anything else that catches your eye for all the wrong reasons.
So what exactly do you do with this room? Maybe, you can stay the course and just ignore the visual shortcomings and issues and steer clear of this part of the house.
The better alternative is to simply make the decision to fix up the room so that it is no longer a waste of space within your home. But most of us tend to steer clear of the do it yourself sector that walks aimlessly through the home improvement store with little or no idea what to do and even less direction. Hiring someone to do the job often isn't an option, either, given that you might not have the kind of budget or money set aside to pay for not only the materials but also, in addition to that, the labor.

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Now, you're supposedly out of options, but you really might be over thinking the project itself and under valuing your skill in terms of being handy enough to remodel a room without actually making it worse based on your experience.
Take for instance a bedroom with horrific carpet color and a bad paint job.
There's nothing there to work with that should prevent you from making that room look the way you'd like it to, all without a hired professional and a ton of money. The trick is doing most of the labor on your own, and not being afraid to slap a few coats of paint on the walls to make that ugly green, for example, turn into a blissful taupe or eggshell white. Make sure you leave that carpet you're about to replace intact, in the event you spill or slop some paint. That idea is going to save you on drop clothes or extra prep time.
Beyond the paint, tearing up that carpet could be the best decision you make. Perhaps under that ugly carpet color is a hardwood floor that only needs a little upkeep and care to make it look as though you replaced the whole floor.
All that takes is a belt sander (you could possibly borrow from someone), a fresh coat of stain and some polyurethane and for about $25 for the last two items, you can have a new, hardwood floor that costs pennies, even if you have to add some hard work of your own in the process.
That extra effort and foresight to forget about what you think might go into this renovation and instead accept the project with an open mind is the difference between banishing a room to bestowing that same spot in your home as beautiful.

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