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Smart phoney: Are you spending too much time playing on your phone?

Go ahead and admit it; you're addicted to your cell phone, right?
Listen, you're not going to the first or last person to stand up and declare that your once simple, rudimentary phone had now become a piece of technology you're attached to all day, every day.
Between sending one text after another, making calls or checking out everything social media related, your phone barely has time to catch its breath and recharge its batteries (literally) before you're at it again.
Telling yourself that your phone is essential to your existence and spending every waking hour doing something on it isn't uncommon. You may use work as a scapegoat of sorts, trying to convince anyone who will listen that using Twitter and sending text messages is part of the job at hand.
Nice try.

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The truth is you may be addicted to your cell phone but perhaps you just don't realize it or believe your day to day happenings as it relates to your phone are no big deal or hardly would suggest that there's any sort of issue.
A few red flags that you're addicted to your cell phone is the notion that you travel with your cell phone wall charger or often find yourself losing your train of thought in meetings or not paying attention during the simplest of conversations.
Those who deny they're addicted to their cell phone will argue that they may need their charger because they forgot to charge it overnight, but that reasoning isn't going to mean much if your searching out a charger on a daily basis.
One place you won't find a charger for your phone is in the bathroom, but what you really shouldn't see in there is you using your phone. Furthermore, if you make it a point to have your phone present before you head into the bathroom, you should really consider that as a big problem when you're talking about your cell phone and the inability for you to put it down.
The design and makeup of today's smart phone lends itself to being something you're absolutely infatuated with and have little or no interest in putting down. Using a gadget of this importance for real time news, communication or email isn't necessarily a bad thing, until it reaches a point when your smart phone turns into dumb decision making and a way too proactive approach at using your cell phone for all the wrong reasons.

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