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Walk this way: Dog walking does wonders for your pup

Dog owners know that walking the dog is part of your daily routine, no different than dinner, brushing your teeth or making the bed.
Whether you get up early before work for a stroll or make it a point to come home, change clothes and go for a spirited walk, your dog is a priority and keeping them active, healthy and happy drives you to walk them on a consistent basis.
But have you ever thought beyond the obvious as to what walking your dog truly means for their spirit and overall wellness or thought to yourself if some dog owners even bother walking their dogs at all, even though you'd assume that dog walking for pet owners is simply the norm.
In the midst of National Walk Your Dog Week, which runs through October 7, Pet360 opted to poll over 4,000 dog owners to get a better idea of everything from frequency to benefits for both canine and companion.
Pet360 reports that more than half of dog owners walk their dogs at least one time each day, but about a third don't walk their dogs at all. But have no fear dog owners, that just means the dog is being let out in the yard to run on their own time.

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The problem with the latter is that the human counterpart in this equation isn't reaping the benefits of adding exercise but rather is a one sided affair in favor of the dog. No one is going to argue that point but why not make it a win win for all parties involved.
Remember, however, this is about the dogs, right?
So beyond walking as just exercise and keeping your pups from packing on the pounds, what are some other upsides of walking your dog on a regular basis.
Anyone who owns a dog will argue that their companion is more than just a pet in the simplest sense of the word. They'll tell you their dog is their friend and exudes real personality traits that can't be ignored, whether they are good or bad. For the not so good behavior, walking can help keep your dog engaged and on point with activity that keeps them away getting themselves into trouble.
Overactive dogs often are difficult to handle, much the same way on the opposite end of the spectrum lazier or timid dogs are a little tougher to get out of the house. The walk in both instances is the great equalizer to helping.
As much as the dog walking is commonplace, for some, it often isn't fully implemented so that all parties involved can enjoy the process. In the end, you want your dog healthy and around for years, so walking is paramount and practical for not only man's best friend, but man (and woman) as well.

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