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Refreshing course: Why marketing has shifted from bragging to being modest

Marketing takes on a variety of forms, both in promotion and delivery.
The promotional side can come through a memorable television commercial, glossy magazine ad or the more common online endeavor that takes the form of anything from a graphically enhanced banner on a web page to simply developing a campaign through the conglomerate that is social media.
But beyond how companies get their message out, marketing has another side to it that is equally important.
The message itself.
Thirty years ago or so, advertising made no qualms about how it presented its product or service to the general public. Marketing, advertising and commercials alike simply implemented a "we're better than anyone else" mindset and often infused sarcasm, humor or downright bragging to let consumers know that whether they're buying beer, cars or trying to decide where to shop that only the best would suffice.

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The irony is today's advertising, for some companies, has done a complete 180 degree turn in how the message comes across. In certain instances, companies have taken a more self deprecating approach to their advertising, which highlights what they do wrong or haven't done well recently but aim to fix moving forward.
Perhaps the most profound and highly publicized version of this marketing is Domino's Pizza, specifically the round of television ads that have their CEO and subsequent employees openly admitting that they have been far from good in recent years and want the customers to know they realize these shortcomings and will work to fix them and get better in the future.
Domino's Pizza went as far as to show customers complaining about their food while employees looked on with a mixture of horror, shame and admittance. The advertising campaign worked wonders for the pizza chain as its introspective series of commercials resonated with customers who can appreciate giving any product a second chance.
Domino's Pizza poking fun at its lackluster crust, tasteless pizza sauce or general downward spiral in recent years shows that the company isn't afraid to address their issues at the forefront, thus giving would be and returning customers incentive to try them out again.
This practice of advertising works well, particularly for businesses and organizations that have found success only to watch it disappear for a variety of reasons. Maybe they got lazy, made poor business decisions or tried to grow the company too quickly for its own good.
Whatever caused the initial drop in customer satisfaction and revenue should be noted accordingly as those reasons most likely will transform from bullet points items into fodder for a rebirth of epic proportions.

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