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Fall In Love With Post-summer Traveling

Who says vacations have to be exclusive to summer and that they absolutely must include trips to mainstay destinations such as sandy beaches, amusement parks or camping grounds?
That's not to say that a jaunt to Myrtle Beach or Ocean City shouldn't be in the summertime cards or that Disney World or Disneyland don't make it on the family vacation radar. The suggestion isn't to necessarily that a summertime trip should be skipped but rather to not simply rule out waiting until fall for your forage into a vacation.
Picking a place in the summer to visit may be a bit easier. Cities around the country typically focus their marketing dollars on that particular season since that is the more popular time period to get away from it all.
But opting for a fall fantasy of sorts opens up world of festivals, wondrous fall foliage and a plethora of historic spots worth strolling through. So just where exactly is the best place for fall travel?
One city that reigns supreme in the fall that might be quite surprising is Kansas City. No, it has nothing to do with the underachieving Kansas City Chiefs football team or the blaze of red jerseys and shirts within the famed Arrowhead Stadium.

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No, in fact, this barbeque-driven city absolutely rests on its reputation for sizzling, succulent ribs, chicken and pork in the form of the aptly titled Kansas City Barbeque Festival. Another bonus of Kansas City is the reasonably priced hotels, ranking as some of the most affordable in the United States.
Fall also doesn't necessarily mean the end of warm weather vacations, either -- just the end of the humidity. That fact is a major draw for such southern cities as Charleston and Savannah. Both of those cities also are rich in history and downtown areas within each draw visitors who simply can't help but enjoy the uniqueness and culture. And, of course, the temperature in September and October is incredibly comfortable but not overly hot.
South isn't the only section of the United States that gets all the love as plenty of eastern cities score rave reviews for fall travel. Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, Maine make strong cases for visitors to head east. Boston is all about its picturesque fall scenery that meld nicely with remarkably entertaining jazz festivals. Portland is packed with its own festivals, most notably the Harbor Harvest Fest.
Last but certainly not least in Nashville and its penchant for playing some seriously sensational tunes year-round with plenty of country- and musical-themed bars and hangouts. The scene in Nashville is one of fun, festivities and a laid-back appeal that screams stress free.
Those aforementioned cities suggest that summer may still be the king of vacationing but fall isn't far behind.

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