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Breaking point: Is the iPhone 6 more trouble than its worth?

Let's get one thing perfectly clear about the iPhone 6 and its larger counterpart, the cleverly titled iPhone 6 Plus: they're a resounding success.
Apple sold millions of these phones in a short amount of time right out of the gate, but not all consumers are enamored with the latest smart phone from the pioneer company out of Silicon Valley. Word quickly spread that the iPhone 6 was bendable, hardly a characteristic you want out of a cell phone. Images went viral of the iPhone bending like a pencil eraser, which raised the ire of technology consumers and customers alike that wondered if Apple had lost its magic touch.
In its place is conceivably a phone that could snap in two just sitting in your pocket.
Hardly the moniker of a company once thought of as the industry leader in mobile devices, right? But Apple isn't sweating the issue, cleverly titled "Bend gate," and points to its initial sales of the device as more than just one leg to stand on.
The most recent negative press for the iPhone 6 is a decent groundswell of users that complain their hair gets caught in the device and ranks at it to the point it pulls it out of your head or, worse yet, face.

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Truthfully what hurts most about the iPhone 6 and Apple in general isn't so much the bending or the hair getting stuck in the phone but rather the company not really going above and beyond to discuss the issue. Instead, Apple relies on its lineage and history in this particular marketplace as suggesting it really doesn't need to talk about this flaw in their phone.
People are buying, so why even bring it up?
The answer to that question relies with Apple simply taking note of something that was done incorrectly and telling customers one of two things: we will fix it or it's really not a big deal as any phone will bend if you put enough pressure on it.
Now, ironically, the pressure is on Apple to either discuss these shortcomings or keep acting as though they can do no wrong. You have to think Apple might be hesitant to call attention or validate the bending issue since you can argue Apple is still playing catch up with other mobile devices, most notably the Android powered ones.
The larger screen and other features have been done by Android phones, and Apple finds itself in the position of playing catch up.
Not only are they trying to at least keep up with the curve but also refusing to focus on why their phone turns into one.

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