Bandwagon bland: Fans that are fair weather are worst

10/08/14 by Matthew S. Vandriak

As we hit the end of baseball season for some MLB playoff teams, he rears his front-running head. At the 5th week of the NFL season, with no undefeated teams left, he's already calling for the coach to be fired or the quarterback to be benched. Before the NHL season even starts, he's calling for a non-playoff season because the team had a sub .500 record during the pre-season. You know who he is (or who you are). He's the Band Wagon Fan.
In the world of sports, "Band Wagon" means supporting your team when everything is going right, but being nowhere to be found when the team is struggling. For the real die hard fans of their respective teams, there is nothing worse than the Band Wagon Fan. Fans who consider themselves to be die hard support their teams through thick and thin. They stick behind their teams even when they lose. They believe in the team even when you know it might not be a playoff season. They still buy tickets and show up even if the team is suffering through a down year. And when the team finally does turn it around and becomes a winner, it becomes a sense of pride to see them win again because the die hard was there through the down years. And that's why they hate the BWF (Band Wagon Fan).
The BWF usually shows up right around when the team starts winning. They'll claim to have been a fan forever, but that's not the case. Attendance figures show the BWF was dressed as an empty seat during those down years, but he'll tell you that he was there. It's easy to identify the BWF as well. Whoever the most popular player on the team is, the BWF is sporting their jersey. And as long as the team is winning; BWF is their biggest fan. Until they start to lose.

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That's when the BWF decides he's not only a fan, but should be the General Manager for the team as well. Unfortunately, the BWF's knowledge of the team, or even the sport is limited. It's easy to identify the BWF at this point because of where he puts the blame for why the team lost. If it's football, it's always the quarterbacks fault. If it's baseball, its the pitcher. In hockey, it's always the goalie. See the BWF doesn't grasp the concept that it takes an entire team not just to win, but to lose as well. No, in his eyes, it's always the most visible position that's to blame.
The BWF as mentioned above, shows up when the team is winning. It's also easy to identify him at a sporting event. The BWF spends more time on his phone than watching the game. See, the BWF doesn't really care about the team or even the game. He's texting or posting on Facebook that he's at the game. The BWF wants to be seen, but isn't really there to watch the game. If you're a real fan, you hate sitting next to the BWF. Or even worse, having a bunch of BWF's in your row or section. They don't cheer because their thumbs are tied up with those phones. They don't respect the fan etiquette that real fans don't have to be told about. That rule is simple: don't get up to go to the bathroom or get refreshments until there is a stop in play.
Being a real sports fan, you know there is nothing more fun than attending a game in person, especially when your team is playing a heated rival. And you know that nothing sucks quite as bad as losing to that rival. Except for one thing, the Band Wagon Fan who sat next to you all night pumping himself as the teams biggest fan.
Until they lost.

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