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Work study: Are you that annoying employee at work?

Every office has that one person who somehow makes the work environment everything from annoying to awkward.
Maybe they just rub everyone the wrong way with their comments, how they act in the office or their general attitude. In any event, the rest of the workforce avoids this employee at all costs, and in some cases they take that stance even if it is going to affect their own work.
The real question regarding this black hole of a worker isn't so much how to avoid them but rather something much more paramount to ask.
Is that employee actually you?
Perhaps you believe that you're the model employee, but you aren't exactly in a position to judge your own actions. You feel as though you've done everything perfectly and might have a difficult time looking inwardly on how you're acting.

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One of the bigger red flags of the at work annoyance that will have the rest of the office heading in the opposite direction you're headed is your propensity to take personal calls at work, in the office, at your desk, in addition to conducting personal business on company time in any form or fashion.
The desk within your office isn't made for paying your bills, taking calls from your mom or playing on your personal tablet in lieu of getting your work done. The problem with no finishing an assignment you've been handed is that your lack of effort, efficiency and completion of said project is probably going to negatively affect someone else in the office, thus putting you in a position to be saddled with much deserved blame.
And when was the last time you checked your absentee record?
OK, so maybe last winter you had the flu, for real or that sinus infection was totally legitimate. But if you're the reverse of the model employee as it relates to attendance, you're co workers take notice of your record and aren't exactly thrilled since they're probably having to pick up your noticeable slack on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
Calling off sick all the time not only is going to get you on the human resources most wanted (and watched) list but also might turn into a cold shoulder or two from those you work with every day. They like you personally, but behind closed doors they're disappointed with your lack of effort and thus aren't going to defend you or want to work with you openly.
At any cost, you want to do your part to put the office on the right track and have at least a modest, if not exceptional, reputation as an employee that at least puts one good foot forward.

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