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Fit less: If you're going to exercise, do it correctly

You've probably spent enough time in the gym to notice when fellow health club member is doing an exercise that, to the naked eye, seems a little odd.
Actually, a lot odd.
In fact, you'd be surprised to find out that even the gym goer with the best intentions tends to flub at least a few exercises from time to time, particularly the ones that you'd consider basic within the confines of the gym.
The pushup, sit up and even the rudimentary squat tend to be the most beloved exercises despite their simplicity but also are the ones that are easily missed as far as doing them correctly and, most importantly, avoiding injury.
Sticking with an exercise program is one of the more difficult things to do, and the numbers (only about 13% of the population belongs to a gym) support that notion. One of the bigger reasons most of us decide to bid farewell to the gym is injury due to inexperience and thus doing the moves wrong.

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Think, for a second, about the pushup. What seems like just pushing up with your hands and using the muscles in your chest and shoulders and getting up off the floor essentially isn't a guarantee to be done the right way.
Plenty of push up wannabes forget to keep their hands shoulder width apart when in the plank position, or arch their back and butt, instead of having a flat back as they go up and down with the actual push up.
The squat and lunge are two tremendous exercises for the legs but ones that are equal parts difficult and performed by few that can say they have it down pat. The lunge is stepping forward but challenging to keep yourself from tipping from one side to another as you bend your knee and drop the other one down to the ground and back up to do it all over again for an extended length of time.
The squat is about keeping your feet shoulder width apart and pushing your backside out while doing a squat with a little bend in your knees. What most squatters do is bend at the waist and end up hurting their back and knees with their stiff body positioning.
As important as exercise is for your health and well being, doing those moves the right way means so much more. It not only is going to make sure you achieve your goals but also setting a pace with your passion and safety in mind.

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