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Ghost protocol: Is your Halloween routine far too financially scary?

From ghosts and goblins to Frankenstein and vampires, nothing is quite as scary this Halloween as the final receipt for your costumes, decorations and even that candy you plan on passing out this year.
When you think saving money, the holiday that doesn't come to mind very often ironically is Halloween, since you may be one of those consumers that doesn't dress up, pass out candy or even consider going to a costume party for one minute.
For that group, you're not really interested in saving money since you really don't spend any either. That said, you might find yourself in the norm for this quirky, scary and terribly fun holiday to celebrate. Halloween is about excess, over the top displays but also spending more money than you would ultimately like to.
The issue with Halloween as it relates to spending is that you really don't think much about what you're buying since most of it is fairly by the book: candy, costumes and decorations. Most Halloween consumers don't really gather receipts or check bank statements since it is more of a throwaway holiday that doesn't include buying gifts.
Because that isn't part of the regimen, Halloween often spirals out of control when it comes to spending money. With that, your Halloween routine could use a serious budgeting overhaul. This isn't to suggest that if you're buying costumes for the entire family that you need to round up some old bed sheets and starting cutting holes into them to make a set of seriously lame ghosts.

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Rather, you might want to look at visiting a few dollar stores or low cost wholesale stores for your candy and definitely stay away from convenient or drug stores for Halloween candy. You'll easily pay double at the latter versus the smaller scale places.
As for the decorations, you can use things around the house that, quite frankly, you're going to throw away. Nothing makes quite the hanging tree ghost like a simple, inexpensive garbage bag stuffed with your old newspaper. Cinch that up with an old hair tie or garbage bag twister and you're sprucing up your Halloween house for pennies. Styrofoam might be your best friend, too. It's cheap and makes for great homemade headstones versus going to a party store and buying them fresh off the rack for twice the price.
The costume might be a little trickier but what about going into reruns and using the same costume a few years in a row. That is a prudent move implemented by parents who want to spend their money on the kids' costumes and don't mind making their costumes simple or having a neighbor point out during the trick or treating that you're wearing the same outfit as last year.
The real treat to that mentality, in addition to fashioning your own decorations and buying candy at the right price, is that you'll be tricking everyone else around you into thinking you spent a ton on Halloween when in actuality you've saved a scary amount of cash this year.

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