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Training will: How new dads can survive first week of fatherhood

When you're Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling, being a new dad might be just a tad easier for you then perhaps someone who isn't a movie star with a plethora of resources, namely access to a hefty sum of money and a nanny at every corner.
Someone has to continue to work and make 10 or 20 million dollars per movie, right? Granted, guys like Reynolds and Gosling enjoy their new babies for more than a few minutes before they start shooting a new movie or reporting to a set in Hollywood, New York or Chicago. But they also undoubtedly have plenty of help along the way, so being a new dad is filled with similar challenges for these leading men, but us regular, run of the mill men really have our hands full.
Perhaps we don't have a fleet of helpers or workers at our beckon call, so that means helping out the new mom, nighttime wake up calls and feedings or just trying to pacify everyone involved, particularly the baby are a must and, in fact, not for the weak.
Money isn't always the great equalizer, however, for new dads as they begin their forage into fatherhood. What really matters is equal parts patience and practicality rolled into one super dad. One of the more obvious, matter of fact points of interest for new dads is quite simple: make your presence known every day without fail.
This one might seem obvious, but some proud papas bask in the glow of fatherhood and then resume their Sunday NFL football itinerary or head back to work way too soon after the baby is born. New dads don't go about their normal business on purpose but mostly out of habit. What needs to happen is dad taking as much maternity leave as he needs to fully encapsulate and understand the ins and outs of anything from feedings to diaper changes. Plus, new mom needs some rest, too.

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Part of dad's job not only is making sure mom is sleeping well and comfortably for at least a few days but also reminding the new mom that she's still your wife, too. You may assume that is a foregone conclusion, but you'd be surprised how the husband and wife relationship changes now that a child is involved. Dads must continue treating the new mom as their spouse, soul mate and wife as well, which means you should renew date night or have romantic evenings whenever possible. That not only is going to make you a better dad but fortify a relationship that might wane now that you're both parents.

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