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Golden moldy: Detoxification of your house works wonders on body but mostly mind

Have you ever felt like your home was making you sick? Did you also think maybe it isn't your house but what you're using inside it to clean?
No, not the terribly mismatched curtains in your bedroom or the thought that you're still using your parents' old dining room table or that couch from grandma's basement but rather the notion that mold, germs, mildew and other bacteria is making your feel a little lethargic, sickly and just plain exhausted all the time.
Aside from hiring a professional mold company to assess exactly what you have going on between those walls and floors in your home, you an also incorporate various ways to detoxify your home without spending thousands (unless of course you need mold removed, of course).
A lot of what will make you sleep easier is just the idea of a little spring cleaning in the fall that consists of opening a few windows and letting some fresh air in or choosing a cleaner for the kitchen that isn't so harsh, perhaps one that you made yourself.
One of the bigger allergy issues comes from dust and cleaners that are filled with bleach that stings the lungs and actually can cause long term problems based on exposure. Making your home cleaner could be just a little bit of vinegar and a dab of dish soap, mixed with hot water. Gone are the chemicals and concern that you're making your house a little more polluted and in its place is a cleaner version with the same result.

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Some store bought cleaners are market themselves as all natural, and that's the case when you visit your latest and greatest organic or whole foods store. The all natural cleaner is devoid of that harsh cleaner smell but, much like your vinegar concoction, does the trick.
The same principle would be better when you dust when you trade in that harsh furniture polish and instead polish your dusting skills with something like a dry duster or even a a micro fiber cloth that will save you from breathing in those harsh fumes.
How else can you keep you and your home free of pollutants? A few tricks include using ceramic pots and pans, discontinuing the use of pesticides on your lawn, using a more expensive furnace filter (particular for dusty and pet hair in the winter months) and simply employ a moderation mentality that you already use with something like what you eat but instead implement it with exposure to harsh chemicals around the house.

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