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Diet woes: Why dieting is always destined to fail

You can't spell the word "diet" without "die," which is what most of us feel like doing when the idea of eating better is put on our table.
Even the sound of the word makes you feel like running in the opposite direction, hopefully for your sake in the direction of a fast food restaurant that has food you've become accustomed to eating.
Simply put, dieting just doesn't work.
Now before the fitness gurus and lovers of exercise and eating well begin to argue this point, you must first understand that dieting has a distinctly negative connotative meaning. Dieting typically is associated with eating nothing more than fruits and vegetables and only ingesting water, leaving the fried foods and cheese steak. It is viewed as having to give up the foods that taste good and that you love the most in exchange for a bland regimen of foods.
What needs to happen in lieu of actually telling yourself that you're going on a rudimentary diet is to employ a simple, yet effective, menu that allows you eat foods that you love and enjoy without depriving yourself of a few treats from time to time.

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Far too often dieting is looked upon as being strict and drastic, which is why you typically refer to dieting with the word "crash" in front of it. Realistically, you can't go from eating hamburgers and French fries to plain chicken and carrot sticks, but that often how dieting is viewed.
Instead of dieting, plan your meals accordingly with equal amounts of protein and starches. No one is telling you that you should eat an apple or banana for breakfast and nothing else or skip the sandwich at lunch and only eat a pile of green, leafy lettuce. Fruit and greens are staples that should be included in any diet but you also can get creative with how you cook and add some of your favorites without sacrificing flavor as a result.
Who says you can't have a delicious grilled chicken dinner that taste just as good as it looks with a dash of dressing that you've made with your best intentions in mind? Breakfast doesn't have to be burnt toast or cereal with no taste when some steel cut oats and a packet of Stevia is going to taste better and have the kind of protein and energy you'll need for the entire day.
Depriving yourself of food isn't going to get you to that ideal weight but instead frustrate you to the point that your eating isn't going to be enjoyable but instead is going to head in the opposite direction. You'll actually start to eat worse.
And that is going to be a recipe for disaster.

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