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Fantasy land: Why you're taking your fantasy football league way too seriously

The popularity of the NFL has produced billions of dollars in television revenue, almost as much in advertising money and easily positioned the league as the most valuable and prosperous in terms of American sports.
The NFL also has given the general public something else that is just as popular: fantasy football leagues and players alike.
Using the term "players" when describing fantasy football participants is almost as comical as calling them "owners" of a fictitious squad that is comprised of real NFL players but devoid of actual coaching, play calling or on the field antics.
Instead, fantasy football has produced millions of pseudo experts and armchair quarterbacks that get together once per year with a bunch of their buddies as though they're preparing for the battle of Troy, complete with donning their NFL jerseys and gear as if they're actually playing, to begin drafting a team to play against one another for anything from pure pride to hefty sums of money involved, depending on the ilk of the particular league.
This isn't about knocking the idea behind fantasy football leagues or the people who participate in them. Fantasy football is remarkably popular as a sidebar to the actual on field action we watch every Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights. It allows the average person to put together a team they think will perform well enough to gain points based on touchdowns scored or sacks registered on any given week.

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But far too many of these football fans tend to be way too overzealous in how they go about playing in these various leagues. Regardless of whether you're playing among friends or if there is money on the line, the idea that fantasy football rules your world is highly comical and quite sad, actually.
As much as fantasy football owners and players will tell you that fantasy football is just for fun, you'd be hard pressed to find less someone who lets this highly uncompetitive activity consume them as though they're playing in the game themselves.
Those types of fantasy football owners are the ones that refuse to admit defeat, miss birthdays and graduations because they want to see if Peyton Manning can throw four touchdowns to put them over the top in their playoffs or actually stop talking to friends because they drafted a running back that was on their "board."
As comical as it sounds, these things happen quite often.
Perhaps the most ear pounding rhetoric from fantasy football enthusiasts is the way they talk about the activity as though they actually know the first thing about coaching, football or the "x's and o's" of the game itself.
They don't. And listening to them talking about draws, counter sweep hand offs and play action passing has you laughing hysterically and wondering aloud why they're not the head coach making millions of dollars per year. Instead, they're on their couch, depending on players they don't know to play well in the hopes of winning a few thousand bucks.
Experts? Hardly.
Overbearing? Exactly.
Delusional? Some, yes.
Fantasy football should be entered into all in good fun and with little stock put into following games as though you work for the NFL Red Zone channel. If there isn't at least some part of you left that is a fan, then you next roster move should be releasing yourself from watching football altogether since it sounds like you're doing so for all the wrong reasons.

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