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Socially awkward: Some things better left off social media

Social media has turned everyone into an expert with a platform to say what they want on a bevy of subjects, regardless of their knowledge or experience about a particular situation or topic being discussed.
The forum also has bestowed upon the would be viewing audience a bevy of photos, posts, updates and alerts about the most inconsequential of happenings. Being able to gather news, weather and sports at a glance is valuable. Knowing what your friend had for breakfast or getting the play by play on potty training from any of your followers hardly is pertinent.
But beyond the spectrum of worthwhile to worthless as it relates to social media is a more disheartening trend: postings and status updates that threatening to hurt your job or even put you at risk for anything from fraud to a home break in.
You should absolutely stay away from posting your pertinent information on any social media site, paying close attention to not listing your date of birth or even address. This type of information is a hacker's dream when it comes to gaining access to your bank information or credit history to essentially make things incredibly difficult for you. Identity fraud is highly common but also preventable if certain steps are taken to mitigate exposure of certain personal statistics. Tossing out that information on Twitter or Facebook isn't going to help your cause, either.
Almost as asinine as putting your birthday out for the world to see are the social media superstars who love to tout the fact that they're on vacation or not at home for anything from a few days to weeks upon end as part of a trip.

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Thinking that your comings and goings aren't of interest to the wrong people is thinking that is highly suspect and short sighted. Burglars and home break in experts love these unsolicited tips to gain access to your home and valuables while you're away. If you want to let people know you're in Hawaii for two weeks, then tell those who matter most to you or ones you can trust, whether that is family, close friends or a few co workers you've known for years.
And speaking of co workers or work in general, if you're taking a so called "sick" day and you're actually skipping out to go to a sporting event, start your vacation early or decide to catch up on the "Walking Dead," you'll want to avoid touting what you're doing off the clock when you actually should be working. When it comes to work, you also might want to steer clear of disclosing information about your job that could be considered important and the kind that is to be kept confidential.
The last thing you want to do is lose your job, valuables or identity because of social media but still some of us can't resist the temptation to tell the world what we're doing, even though the response clearly isn't something we'd want to deal with.

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