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Note to self: The latest Galaxy 'Phablet' nothing short of fabulous

The term "phablet," which describes cell phones with larger than normal screens, is terribly overused within the marketplace and almost makes you want to skip the huge physical investment and instead opt for something more modest.
Then, the Galaxy Note 4 arrives on the scene and suddenly has you rethinking everything. The Galaxy Note 4 absolutely sizzles from top to bottom with only a few flaws that hardly are worth noting. This "phablet," unlike most, deserves to carry this name wholeheartedly.
The real draw of the Note 4 not only is the massive screen, which measures almost six inches, but the remarkable resolution that rivals any smart phone on the market, including Apple and the LG G3 and the Galaxy S5.
The LG G3 is hard to top from a camera perspective, but the 16 megapixel camera certainly doesn't hurt the overall impression the Galaxy Note 4 makes. But the LG G3 might be a bit better since it takes wondrous photos at night or when the lighting isn't that great.
That's pretty much where the Galaxy Note 4 and its shortcomings stop.

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The stylus often is what consumers point to as it relates to the Galaxy Note line of products, and the fourth installment is no different. What really is remarkable about the Galaxy Note 4 is that the stylus and its functions have been cleaned up a bit and makes the phone even more enjoyable, easier and reliable in that regard.
You like to think most customers and long time users of the various Note items love the device for the stylus and the idea that even the most mundane note or task can be scribbled down at a moment's notice, which doesn't sound like much but is a huge selling point of the Note 4, and the models that came before this latest incarnation of the phone.
What is likeable about the 4's stylus is that it feels like you're using something less clunky then pen on screen but instead feels more like a laser like mouse being used at its epitome of functionality. Let's not forget that all of the Android power is packed within the Note 4 as well.
The goal of most "phablets" in the eyes of consumers is the ability to be a phone and also act as a tablet in the hopes of saving money by having one device instead of needing two. The phone and tablet hybrid falls woefully short in most cases, however, and thus customers essentially end up buying both anyway.
The Galaxy Note 4 doesn't just break that trend but rather destroys it completely with being easily the most complete and well rounded "phablet" that, in a word, is fabulous.

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