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Loud and clear: FUGOO fills much needed void with speaker that does it all

A bevy of products throughout the course of consumer history have boasted plenty of claims, some of which seemed highly unlikely and left the customer base carefully weighing their options and overly skeptical about what they heard.
Knives that can cut through cans.
Hair that comes out of a spray bottle.
A vacuum and a plastic bag that doubles as a space saver.
In most of these instances, quality and durability are the two attributes at the forefront from a marketing standpoint. And while most products try, they never quite meet the standards they've promised, thus leaving all parties involved feeling anything from shame to buyer's remorse.

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So when a product promises to deliver and actually follows through as intended, consumers immediately take notice, particularly if the advertisement has something to do with the longevity and performance are at the heart of the rhetoric being spoken.
And customers undoubtedly listen, take notice and ultimately buy.
Ironically, FUGOO is a speaker company and sound is what they do best, especially listening as it relates to customers wants and needs. FUGOO refers to itself as the "Go Anywhere Speakers," and touts their brand as being the first, best and last speaker you'll ever buy. A quick glimpse of FUGOO and its array of speakers and accessories showcases a company that knows its audience quite well, and the result is speakers that deliver crisp, clear sound that rivals any other speaker company on the market but also a carefully crafted design that can withstand anything you put it its way.
Waterproof, rugged, tough and durable are all applicable and adequate adjectives you can use to describe FUGOO and its line of speakers. Think of them as everything you'd want from a speaker, including the sought after Bluetooth capabilities and sound quality, plus the peace of mind knowing that you're buying something that also can keep up with you.
"Technology should just work, and go anywhere with you," said Gary Elsasser, Chief Executive Officer of FUGOO. "We have a passion for music and the outdoors, and the speakers are 100% waterproof and go anywhere with you. You can mount them anywhere; kayaking, biking, anything. Then, if it does fall we designed the core to withstand a six foot drop to concrete and it will be fine."
Wait, a fall from six feet onto concrete? Sounds almost too good to be true and could conceivably send up a red flag in the same vein as that aforementioned set of knives that remain razor sharp even after cutting through a nail.
Try more like tough as nails.
"They're the most rugged speakers made," says Elsasser, without wavering from his claim.
In this instance, FUGOO isn't just a company that believes wholeheartedly in what it does but actually flourishes in the face of skepticism and delivers a product that says exactly what it is going to do.
And then goes out, does it and doesn't disappoint one bit. Simply put, FUGOO is as advertised.
The skeptics might continue to argue that hard nosed and durable speakers are one thing but most that display that kind of toughness don't do much to impress from a sound quality standpoint.
To those detractors, FUGOO once again rises to the occasion.
"Audio matters, too, right?" asks Elsasser. "People are so used to poor audio as it relates to portable speakers. FUGOO has a six speaker platform, with separate highs, lows and mids, which is pretty unheard of. People hear the songs and say 'it's beautiful."
Technically speaking, what FUGOO has done is flawless given the compact nature of the portable speakers. While competitors tend to put sound on the back burner, FUGOO makes it their mission to deter the notion that portable and compact equals sound quality that is hardly worthwhile.
"Most speakers put out only one side, the main speakers," Elsasser says. "But you lose the highs if you're behind it. We deliver speakers on all four sides and offer 360 degrees of sound."
FUGOO completes the terrific trifecta with another aspect of speakers that often is underwhelming at best: battery life. Portable speakers often talk a great game as far as batteries are concerned but inevitably you find yourself looking for a power source at some point sooner than you'd like or having to travel with extra batteries as part of your excursion.
Elsasser and his team at FUGOO know plenty about battery life, since they spent plenty of years designing notebooks. So in other words, they're really good at batteries.
"Competitors get 5 to 17 hours of battery life; we get 40," Elsasser says regarding FUGOO. "At full volume, a company like Bose gets 3 hours of battery life; we get 15."
As much as the statistics are both stunning, sensational and shows point blank that FUGOO is remarkable in all facets of what they do, customers and feedback often mean the most in such a highly competitive sector such as audio equipment and technology, in this case speakers.
Elsasser and FUGOO also welcome the naysayers as well.
"I would say buy it and try it, and we will give you your money back. The proof is there. Often I'll tell people that I'll point them to third party site and tell them to throw them (FUGOO speakers) into aquariums or into the ocean, leave them in a freezer and still play them five hours later," Elsasser says.
Although those actions sound extreme, they only serve to cement the status of FUGOO as a major player in a marketplace filled with promises that most notably come up empty.
Those who have purchased a FUGOO product can't say enough about the entire makeup and scope of these speakers and accessories. In essence, they're customers for life.
"We had a guy who used our product and ran a 'tough mudder,' and they have to go 10 feet under freezing cold water and run through the mud," Elsasser explains.
"They climb through electrically charged wires. People followed him around because he was the only one playing music through the race. He was much loved by his teammates. We had a paddle boarder who had quite a few friends with speakers that died within two hours. The FUGOO speakers went through multiple weekends without fail."
"And in the end, most people appreciate those characteristics, but always remark, 'wow, I can't believe how good it sounds.' That was really cool (as far as feedback)."
Plenty of 'cool' products never materialized as winners in their respective markets, despite having the best intentions to take the world by storm.
Turns out FUGOO proves unquestionable that you can put together an enticing, exquisite and exciting advertising campaign and actually have a product that lives up to those expectations.

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