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Appetite impressive: Is your favorite restaurant also one of the better ones?

Olive Garden recently emerged in the midst of a bevy of contenders as the favorite restaurant of most Americans, spurring discussion as to the validity of the claim and if Olive Garden deserves the top spot and just what goes into being a restaurant worthy of this type of consideration.
Olive Garden is the product of savvy marketing, advertising that works to convince the masses that they're visiting a place of "family," thus branding the restaurant as Little Italy meets the large scale family.
That's not to suggest the food isn't good, but the enticing promise of free bread sticks and never ending bowls of salad is just the beginning of what makes Olive Garden garner such rave reviews. Some would argue that their television commercials and carefully crafted pasta bowls and creamy sauces smooth over any trepidations customers might have about visiting the restaurant chain.
But what about restaurants that don't have the benefit of exposure and marketing dollars such as Olive Garden? How do you know you're in a good restaurant?
At first glance, the restaurant doesn't really run itself. It takes the work of hard working individuals from managers, hosts and hostesses, waiters and waitresses and, of course, the chef and his kitchen crew to really make the restaurant tick.

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In addition, you want to pay close attention to the attentiveness of the staff, particular the waiters and waitresses, to see if they're actually doing their job well and making sure you're completely satisfied, or if you're waiting 20 minutes just to get your drinks.
That same staff of waiters should also know a little something about the menu, the specials and be able to answer your questions. Nothing is more telling about how poor a restaurant is when a server has to leave your table side and find out tonight's soup on tap or isn't sure what exactly comprises the Chicken Marsala beyond the chicken part.
Almost as important, if not more so, than good service is the cleanliness. You'd be hard pressed to find an Olive Garden that isn't spotless, especially the bathroom areas. One of the bigger red flags is a bathroom that looks as though it hasn't been touched since the day the restaurant opened or is consistently out of paper towels or toilet paper. Beyond being annoying, that also would suggest that no one really is monitoring that area or, worse yet, cleaning it.
For Olive Garden to make the list, it must be doing a little more than just some things correctly. The real question is if your favorite eating establishment, if it isn't Olive Garden, meets the standards set for what is considered a remarkable restaurant.

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