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Photos bombing: How to take better smart phone pictures

Shopping for a cell phone has turned from simple stopping and selecting to truly mulling over the decision as if you're buying a car or home.
The reason behind that is simple, when you consider the number of features a smart phone has. From the operating system to the applications and everything in between, the smart phone hardly is just made and purchased with only calling in mind.
One of the bigger draws of the smart phone, which runs neck and neck with battery life as the most important element of your gadget. The camera on the cell phone has grown immensely in the last decade or more, migrating from flip phones and grainy pictures to today's smart phones that have double digit pixel counts and the type of settings that allow you to shoot in anything from the rain and snow to actually pulling out the light on what you're photographing and make it standout when the background is just plain, old border.
The decision to buy a phone based on the camera alone isn't unheard of since some would argue they use their phone for photos mostly, whether that is taking the occasional "selfie" or shooting pictures at an event of some kind, whether it is a concert or just the birthday of a relative. You can't underestimate the importance of being able to post photos to a bevy of social media accounts at a moment's notice, which means those photos have to be pristine for mass publications.
But beyond just the camera, how it takes pictures and the specific specs, the customer also has to learn how to take better photos and truly manipulate their smart phone so they look equally intelligent and savvy with their photo taking skills.

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Smart phone users who at the moment double as photographers should take time with their photos but also have fun with them, too. You shouldn't shy away from using the settings and special features on your camera to edit the photo, perhaps make it black and white or add a timeless border to it, should it be a photo that strikes a cord with you.
Often underutilized as far as smart phones and photos go are the countless apps you can download to assist in either making your phone look better or to help supplement any shortcomings your camera might have.
Then again, those same tricks of the photography trade might be able to help you just as much in your endeavors and travels to take great pictures with your phone first and foremost.

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