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Home improvement: Profit proves powerful motivator when fixing up house to sell

Anyone who has listed a home or put their house on the market realizes that every penny counts when you're trying to turn a profit and turn the equity in your home into the investment you originally believed it would become.
But when that time comes to sell your home, you may want to look a little harder and deeper at every aspect of your house and start thinking about doing a makeover to make as much money and profit as possible. That sounds all well and good but perhaps you don't have the extra capital to do major renovations as most of your money is conceivably tied up in the house you're trying to sell.
That irony isn't going to help you get your house in tip top shape but it can force you to be a little more crafty when it comes to spending money to get the most value out of your home. Tearing out your entire bathroom, renovating your basement or adding central air conditioning to your entire home might not be in your budget.
What you can control at a reasonable cost still adds value to your home but without you having to shell out a sizable amount of money and thus cutting into what you plan on making on this deal. An easy fix so to speak is cleaning up your back and front yards, planting grass or just doing a little old fashioned trimming. These services will save money you simply because, more than likely they're things you can do on your own, without hiring someone to do them, essentially eliminating the money coming out of your pocket.
The cost to you would be minimal and include things like flowers, pots, seeds and other minor expenses.

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And what about just doing a cleaning job from head to toe on your home? Cleaning services can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, but your cost to do it yourself isn't going to be even close to that staggering figure.
As for rooms like the kitchen, bathrooms and dining rooms, particularly the ones that are terribly outdated, simply do what you can financially to fix them up. A lot of times, you want to think big but really all you need is a fresh coat of paint, fixtures that aren't from another time period or sanding and staining cabinets, floors or washing off the walls in the bedroom or just giving everything a little touch up across the entire home.
Tackling everything at once or dumping thousands into your house only should be part of the equation if the home is in dire need of a massive makeover. If you're just missing a few key components to sell the property, do what is necessary, often the bare minimum, to maximize what you're getting back on your return.

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