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Graphic language: For those who think video games have peaked, bite your tongue

As a child playing Pong, you probably assumed at that very moment that video games couldn't get much better than this.
The arrival of the Atari subsequently put Pong in its place and revealed the electronic table tennis game to be rather pedestrian. Then, Atari seemed ridiculously rudimentary once Sega and Nintendo consoles arrived on the scene.
And that essentially is the how video games as it relates to graphics and game play began its version of "can you top this," with various consoles, systems and game being obsolete with every new release or varying upgrades.
Flash forward to present day, and the video game graphics specifically are something out of a CGI seminar with the very best in the business involved. War games are so realistic they make you feel like you're in battle. Sports games turned the likes of football, baseball, hockey and soccer on their ears with the kind of graphics that have you doing a double take to make sure you're not watching an actual game versus the one being played on your Playstation or Xbox.
In seeing those graphics, you have to believe that the best isn't yet to come and that, from a graphics standpoint, video games have reached their apex and undoubtedly will begin leveling off by staying as you seem them now.

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Think again.
Between the brains behind the consoles or the acumen that helps develop the games and graphics, those individuals will tell you wholeheartedly that they're just getting started and games from a graphics standpoint are only going to continue to evolve.
That's a tough one to fathom given the looks of what is currently available on the market. The principle behind the games getting better is the same one that drives the television marketplace to assure consumer that their high definition television isn't quite high enough. That's given us, for good or bad, curved televisions, LED TVs and even a few 3D televisions sold throughout the country. The technology and drive behind video game graphics aims to smooth out even the smallest, most miniscule corner and add just that much more detail to faces, foreheads, lips, eyes and the occasional piece of weaponry for those lovers of shoot 'em up game play.
Game designers still see flaws when the rest of us see fantastic. You can argue that games 10 years ago looked phenomenal, and this same discussion would have been pertinent in 2004. But complacency isn't the style of the brains behind the graphics brawn, so expecting the quality of what you're seeing on each video game to suddenly stop isn't realistic.
Even if the naked eye that is the customer already sees perfection.

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