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Keycode: About Us
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About Us

A short history of Keycode.com

About Keycode

Keycode is the only personalized comparison site of its kind.

That means we, the founders and investors of this brand, are not a collection of nameless, faceless pixels: We have a shared vision – call it a Pledge to Personalize – in which we give shoppers and retailers a common destination to, respectively, find and promote the best online offers, deals, coupons and sales.

We want you to know who we are, so you can appreciate what we do.

Keycode gives you the savings you want right now, in real-time, empowering you to secure exclusive discounts from your favorite retailers.

To repeat: We do not post – and we will not permit the publication of – erroneous data, expired coupon codes or misleading information of any sort.

As professionals who police our own site, with vigilance and an unyielding commitment to excellence, our duty is to help consumers; our obligation is to also aid retailers – and we honor that pledge to personalize everything by doing everything we can to make using our site fast, convenient, transparent and safe.

We do not outsource the acquisition of these deals to some group of anonymous interns. Nor do we believe an algorithm alone can suffice – that it will ever replace – the wisdom you, as a retailer or shopper, possess.

If you have questions, we will answer them.

If you have comments, we will address them.

If you have suggestions, we will review them.

If you have any needs whatsoever, we will seek to accommodate them.

You can learn more about us by reading our biographies here.

Over time, you will come to know – and profit from – our personalized service.

Thank you.

About our Website

To savvy shoppers, Keycode.com is known as the Internet's leading Offer Comparison Site. Similar to product comparison sites like Shopping.com, PriceGrabber.com, and Shopzilla.com, Keycode.com is unique in that it focuses on offer and channel comparison as opposed to product or price comparison thereby addressing the final decision shoppers need to make before completing a purchase: where to buy. If a retailer has an offer available, it is likely you will find it on Keycode.com first. We maintain relationships with dozens of national retail chains that operate over 15,000 physical stores as well as hundreds of online merchants. All of the offers you will find on Keycode.com have been authorized for our use -- we do not pull or "scrape" any codes that were not intended for our promotional purposes. Additionally, every offer you find on Keycode.com has been checked and verified by human content editors (not automated programs or "spiders") to make sure we are only delivering the highest quality offers. We provide our savings service free of charge to shoppers and allow Keycode users to remain completely anonymous if they choose while using our website at all times.

Robert Russo (bio)

Director, Business Development


Chasity Mcleod

Manager, Advertiser Relations


Rennie Detore



Mike Catania

Founder, Director of Technology & Marketing


George Arden

Director, Integrated Marketing



Keycode is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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