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Andy's Web Tools promotion codes

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At first glance, Andy knows his stuff. Ok, so Andy isn’t a real person but he’s the fictional inspiration of Andy’s Tools, which is a web-based servi... Keep Reading
At first glance, Andy knows his stuff. Ok, so Andy isn’t a real person but he’s the fictional inspiration of Andy’s Tools, which is a web-based service that allows customers to build, develop and manage a web site. The concept of Andy’s Tools isn’t a unique one; there are plenty of web sites that offer customers the ability to create a web site, either to showcase products or sell them. But Andy makes it simple and convenient. The convenience part simply allows customers, regardless of their computer savvy or web site construction ability, to avoid paying high prices to someone else to build a site. Andy’s Tools gives you the template and sets up the central location where the web building is done – the aptly titled Control Panel. At this spot, customers can make changes to their site and truly have complete control of content. Andy sits back and hosts the site on the server. The rest is up to you. Andy, of course, is there to help if needed but the setup is so easy, Andy can easily retire early. Andy’s Tools stands behind its customer service, quality and overall product by offering a 14-day risk-free trial. The trial even allows customers to begin building the site for free. Since all this sounds so spectacular one would assume that there are high-priced start-up fees or hidden charges. Now, does that sound like Andy to you? This is where the simple part comes into play: Andy offers two web-site options: Basic and Shopping Cart. The former allows customers and business owners alike to put their products or services on display. The Shopping Cart version includes the ability to sell, track inventory, and help buyers to your site calculate shipping. The Basic retails for a mere $29 - $10 more gets you the Shopping Cart function, which is hardly an astronomical price for web hosting. Andy’s Tools also includes the ability to create and manage emails once the site is created. Kudos to Andy, his tools and all involved with Andy’s Tools, which doesn’t make the development of web site complicated. Andy’s Tools also does an admirable job of keeping pricing low and not appealing to an ample demographic, especially those who previously assumed building a web site from scratch wasn’t an option.

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