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As impressive, convenience and surreal computers, tablets and smart phones are, they’re still frustrating at times when it comes to finding a signal and especially... Keep Reading
As impressive, convenience and surreal computers, tablets and smart phones are, they’re still frustrating at times when it comes to finding a signal and especially connecting to the internet. Tablets sold without a data plan work remarkably well as long as you’re home or at a location with a Wi-Fi hot spot, and even that can be dangerous on an open network. DataJack nicely fills the void as a mobile hotspot device that allows you to safely and securely connect to the internet from anywhere, regardless of whether there is a hot spot or not. DataJack is a small device that allows you to connect up to eight devices at home time and is easily transportable. Lugging around a cumbersome, clunky piece of hardware doesn’t exactly sound welcoming but that point is moot with DataJack. The device itself is reasonable, usually offered for around $40 per month. Data plans vary depending on just how much music you stream, photos you download and web pages you visit. Typically, DataJack offers a lower-level plan free – usually 200MB – with prices going no higher than $50 per month. That plan would ideally appeal more to someone whose business is solely predicated on using the internet consistently throughout a work week and doesn’t have access to a home or office setting. One huge, glaring positive of DataJack is convenience. Of course, that stems from the anywhere-you-want internet option but also the notion that the company doesn’t require you to sign a long-term deal to use the product or service. They’re strictly a month-to-month service. Another redeeming quality of DataJack is its level of customer service in two distinct aspects: coverage and consumer advice. The former is truly what defines DataJack as a worthwhile endeavor. The service works over a 3G or 4G network with a coverage area that is wide. As for advising consumers, DataJack wants you to have the correct monthly coverage plan. They feature a section on their web site that allows customers to gauge how much data they use, and shows them the results in black-and-white – so to avoid overpaying for something they don’t need. That suggests a level of trust and honesty not perpetuated by a company that is a gimmick or short-term scheme. DataJack jumps into the data frenzy feeling confident about what they’re selling.

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