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Discover Card Promotion Codes

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The best way to describe Discover Card is to simply refer to it as “The People’s Card.” From being one of the first to offer “cash back” on... Keep Reading
The best way to describe Discover Card is to simply refer to it as “The People’s Card.” From being one of the first to offer “cash back” on purchases and a strong, deeply rooted focus on customer satisfaction, Discover transcends a mere credit card. Discover, to its credit, has evolved into much more than just a simple credit card company that dishes out small, plastic cards to customers. Discover Card’s forage into banking, savings accounts and money market programs shows this company is determined to branch out. Discover also offers various home and school loans, along with cash advances and debit card privileges that include a PIN number. While most traditional creditors hide behind fine print and high interest rates, Discover puts its cards on the table and find that customers truly appreciate the points of differentiation. Those same customers often feel more like a member of the Discover family rather than a mere 16 digit account number. Back in the mid-1980s, Discover Card started a trend that is commonplace today: cash back on purchases. Discover Card markets 5% cash back on purchases that can vary from grocery stores to home improvement stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. The promotional strategy is ever-changing and often reflects the time of year (i.e. home improvement cash back in the spring and summer months). The flexible marketing strategy also mirrors its approach to its customers. A new feature is the Discover “It” Card, which is a simple way to refer to customers that are preferred. The “It” card can do anything from waiving a late fee on payments to allowing customers to avoid the dreaded voice prompt and speak to an actual consultant. Even without the “It” card, Discover seems to have its finger on the pulse of exactly what customers are looking for in a banking/credit card partner. Discover truly feels like a company that was created by the people for the people.

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