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Fare Buzz isn't afraid to admit their flying high. Probably the biggest reason they're not shy about their exuding confidence is because when they fly high, you fligh... Keep Reading
Fare Buzz isn't afraid to admit their flying high. Probably the biggest reason they're not shy about their exuding confidence is because when they fly high, you flight cheap. With flights starting at just a shade over $100 bucks, Fare Buzz puts the fear into the traditional means of booking with rudimentary airlines. Fare Buzz bucks tradition in the purest sense and simply adheres to one point: get customers the least expensive flight possible. Sounds good to you, right? But how does Fare Buzz blow past the competition? Fare Buzz works diligently to compare pricing from a variety of airlines, which allows consumers to check out side-by-side prices. The other option for customers is to simply type in your departure city (or airport) and where you'd like to go and Fare Buzz breezes through a list of available flights and airlines to shop the best and most aggressive rate. For example, a flight from Pittsburgh to New Orleans populates options from $300 to $600, a range that is certainly favorable for a flight that probably should flirt with a four-digit price tag. In addition to offering flattering fare for flights, Fare Buzz isn't shy about spreading the wealth to other travel avenues, including offering terrific rates on rental cars and hotels. They're also incredibly adept at piecing together complete vacation packages for families possibly heading to the beach or a quick weekend getaway for couples. The help afforded by Fare Buzz doesn't come just in the form of pristine planning or ridiculously low rates. They're also quick to help visitors who haven't visited a particular city with plenty of suggestions for the best places to see. While consumers continue to use Fare Buzz as their means of travel, they'll earn travel points that can redeemed for anything from shopping excursions to discounts on, not surprisingly, travel. Fare Buzz takes its name from being all the rage as far as web sites that dedicate their craft to cultivating a superb travel experience. If nothing else, Fare Buzz is certainly more than fair across the board.

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