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Patriot Act: Kindness, empathy and compassion fuel the cause for Pets for Patriots

02/02/14 by George Arden

Spend just a few seconds on the Pets for Patriots web site, and you'll understand the definition of loyalty, dedication and determination. And we're not just talking about the pets, either.
Those adjectives only begin to describe the people behind this organization, which specializes in fulfilling the dream of toppling animal homelessness by connecting pets with military individuals and families across the globe.
The brave men and women who serve this country proudly may need the companionship and stress relief that a pet can provide, whether they're retired from active duty or have been sent home and are attempting to transition from military service to regular life.
In this instance, the pet adds a sense of regularity to the daily routine, and the playful interaction, love and support a dog or cat gives those in the military an emotional backbone to begin living life outside of the active armed forces.
At the other end of the Pets for Patriots spectrum is the organization's propensity for not only saving animals but educating the masses on just how inhumane and sad it is to watch pets spend hours, days, weeks, months and years within the confines of a less than enviable animal shelter.

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Pets for Patriots aptly recognized a need by both military men and women and pets without a home to cultivate a climate of awareness and understanding that these two groups can work together seamlessly to help one another.
It's no secret pets play a paramount role in decreasing stress, lowering high blood pressure and helping with depression. Those characteristics often run parallel with some of the issues our military men and women face upon returning home from duty
For kids, perhaps those who have moms and dad away on military leave, it helps form bonds and increase their self esteem when one or both parents are away for a substantial amount of time.
Given what Pets for Patriots is accomplishing with their undeniable tenacity for success and prevailing worth ethic to achieve maximum results for all parties involved, it's easy to rally behind this type of organization and champion what they're doing through donations.
Whether you're making a one-time contribution or you and you're entire workplace have decided to get involved to ensure the longevity and success of Pets for Patriots, the act of opting to give to this cause hardly takes much contemplation.
Pets for Patriots employs a mentality that is moving, motivating and most of all rooted in the ideology that "wet noses and whiskers" for military personnel is a win-win for all parties involved.

Doggy Adored: Dogs For The Deaf speaks to the heart and redefines renewed purpose

01/29/14 by George Arden

You hear company mission statements all the time. They're often referenced as rhetoric and nothing more. At Dogs For The Deaf, their powerful, passionate vision is heard loud and clear.
The goal of this renowned and reputable organization is simple: empower those who struggle with deafness or autism through the compassion and companionship of loving, nurturing dogs.
Don't let the Dogs For The Deaf name fool you, too. While this brand garners plenty of positive marks and is lauded for its long standing love affair with assistance dogs, they're also adept at allowing people to adopt pets in a traditional sense.
The web site is littered with adorable, adoptable dogs that they've cleverly tagged as "Career Change Dogs," suggesting that these pups might not have found the right home yet, but that doesn't keep them from looking.
In short, Dogs For The Deaf transcends any conventional animal shelter and rather mirrors more of a hybrid facility that focuses on at home pets and dogs destined to do great things.

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Dogs For The Deaf transforms dogs rescued from animal shelters into more than just man's best friend but also a valuable asset and friend for kids on the autism spectrum, and adults and children who suffer from hearing loss or are totally deaf.
In addition, Dogs For the Deaf extend their remarkable resources beyond the aforementioned purpose and also caters to business professionals who have chosen career paths where they work with people who have disabilities.
In this instance, the dogs act as equal parts companion and calming effect. That notion is heartwarming when you consider the number of kids who suffer from autism, a condition that is associated with difficultly in controlling one's emotions as a predominant characteristic.
Often lost in the time line implemented by Dogs For The Deaf as far as training them and putting them with just the right person is the actual act of saving the dogs in the first place. Far too many dogs don't have the luxury of being rescued and given a sense of purpose or simply a good home.
Dogs For The Deaf is adept at doing both, and dog lovers definitely appreciate knowing that captured dogs could end up not only surviving but flourishing once the Dogs For The Deaf training concludes.
From a business side, Dogs For The Deaf sports a dog training level of skill and acumen that is truly showcased in the final product: a dog that exudes qualities such as pet, nurturer, helper and friend.
What this organization is doing hardly falls on deaf ears.
Plenty of celebrities and noted pet experts are more than willing to put their names next to that of Dogs For The Deaf as supporters and sponsors. Donations come in a myriad of forms, including events, fundraisers and even perusing and buying at the online shop spot on the web site.
Dogs For The Deaf no doubt recognizes that all the generosity put forth by the masses keep the two pronged approach to their plan pushing forward: rescue dogs and allow them to bring joy into lives of those in need, or just anyone looking for a little company.
Dogs For The Deaf finds itself in elite company thanks to its hard work, dedication to a worthwhile endeavor and endless vigor that is refreshing and revered. This cause was born out of a specific, innate want to give back and grow a business that takes a huge bite out of men, women and children longing for a little day to day respite from their reality.

Clothes Encounter: Pet clothing is cute, but it is safe?

01/07/14 by George Arden

You can't argue that spotting a puppy dressed in a cute sweater or a cat that is sporting a beanie cap isn't incredibly cute. The discussion about whether or not it is ultimately safe for your pet is up for debate.
Precious often outweighs practical when pet owners mull over the decision as to whether your not they want to buy a Christmas sweater for their dog or a Halloween costume for a kitty. Those same owners will argue that the clothing is unquestionable safe, and if it wasn't, why would they sell it?
Clothing for pets isn't so much the issue at hand as the people who are buying it. You need to ask yourself a myriad of questions before you decide to buy anything from a shirt to booties for your pet.
Is the fabric safe for a pet to chew on?
How loose or tight should it fit?

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Is any type of clothing OK or can they get stuck and hurt themselves?
The general feeling is that most clothing is fine, but it should fit snug enough so they can't catch a stray paw in a T-shirt, no matter how cute it is, but not too tight that it presents a circulation issue. The clothing also shouldn't be so lose that it drags on the ground and presents a tripping hazard.
Most pet owners put forth the best intentions, and they assume that buying a sweater in the winter months is appropriate to keep man's best friend in your good graces and not freezing. The same could be said for spring, as an example, if you're adept at arguing that a mini rain coat could keep your pup anything but soaking wet.
That thinking makes sense, especially the cold weather issue. A lot of whether or not your dog is cold in the winter months depends on their size and breed. A huge, heavy wool sweater probably belongs doesn't belong on a Siberian Husky.
And you'd be advised to check the material on the sweater as well. Wool might not be the best choice, since it can leave your dog itching uncontrollably. That said, not all winter wear is bad for dogs. Many dogs don't mind having their feet shielded from cold sidewalks or trails in the colder months.
If the shoe fits, it won't hurt to put it on their paws.
As long as those shoes, and all the other clothing in your pet's closet, is a combination of adorable and applicable.

Doggie Dolittle: Deciphering your dog filled with many misnomers

11/09/13 by George Arden

Ask any dog owner about the nuances of their four legged friend, and they'll be quick to tell you that they can decipher just about anything their dog is saying.
Even if your puppy or full grown doesn't doesn't utter one, single solitary word.
That perceived lack of verbal communication is supplanted by dog owners and their strong belief that they're totally one with their pets' non verbal cues or can determine or diagnosis any issue just by what their dog is doing.
Although that conviction is admirable, there is plenty of misinformation regarding how a dog acts and what they actually might need or want. The last thing you, as an owner, wants to do is act on what you think, rather than what actually is happening.
Everything from the notion that a begging dog deserves a few table scraps to just how happy a dog wagging its tail truly is, there's more than a few myths for man's best friend.

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So exactly how do you determine what your dog is trying to say based on their actions?
The wagging tail is perhaps the most assumed action from a dog that often is misread as being approachable or content. That isn't always the case; the wagging tail can translate into a happy dog but also can mean they're ready to pounce in an aggressive fashion. The difference could determine whether you're proudly petting your pooch or assessing the damage from a dog bite.
And speaking of petting, dogs aren't exactly enamored with being pet on their head, at least not all of them. Some breeds pull away from that pat on the noggin the same way you wince in pain when grandma or grandpa pinch your cheeks.
Petting an unwilling dog on the head probably won't require a trip to the vet, but dog owners have a tendency to overreact when they assume their dog is sick. One big mistake is the warm nose theory about dogs. A warm nose isn't a sure fire sign that they're sick. The same can be said for dogs that scour the backyard and begin eating grass. That isn't a sign of stomach trouble and actually is quite normal for any breed.
The best practice is paying attention to the breed of dog you have and learning as much as possible about them before you bring them home. Most books or online sites save would be dog owners time, energy and stress in terms of studying exactly what to expect, rather than be surprised by a particular behavior or action. Education in this regard truly makes the biggest difference between an amicable union between pet and owner.