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Motherhood Maternity: Maternity meets style with this fashionable brand

Undoubtedly, there was a time when maternity clothing and style didn't go hand in hand.

That has changed, and leading the way is Motherhood Maternity, specializing in clothing that is the best of both worlds for expecting mothers.

Not only do they offer everything practical a mom would want, but also add a fashionable flare to it.

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What a mom to be will find at Motherhood Maternity is everything related to maternity clothing and accessories you'll need during your pregnancy with an emphasis on style, convenience, quality and affordability.

At first glance at what Motherhood Maternity offers, you'll notice that this hardly would be considered your grandmother's pregnancy store, of sorts.

Instead, you'll be dazzled and delighted to see fun summer, flowing dresses, jeans that are contemporary and cute, skirts, shorts and even swimwear for that expecting mom.

Yes, swimwear.

And why not, Motherhood Maternity asks, because who says moms to be can't be just as runway ready as anyone else? Moms to be no longer have to be relegated to wearing maternity that really wasn't meant for them at all (think donning your favorite hoodie and significant other's sweat pants).

Motherhood Maternity is a brand that centers on making their clothing the exact opposite of what you'd expect from a style perspective when you think moms to be.

Motherhood Maternity also offers a variety of practical items as well, such as nursing pajamas and bras, but again you can't help but notice that these aren't plain, drab or any other word you'd use to describe something that could be as rudimentary as a maternity bra or PJ's.

Also part of Motherhood Maternity is a section for plus sized maternity offerings as well.

Motherhood Maternity stores are across the United States, and you also can shop from the privacy of your own home, with a full scale store online.

Motherhood Maternity offers free shipping on all its orders, and what mom to be wouldn't be thrilled on those days when you're not feeling like you want to head out of the house, and you still can shop for what you want, nestled into the couch and relaxing and enjoying Motherhood Maternity.

For even more discounts, you can use Motherhood Maternity promotion codes that can save you money off a total order amount, for example.

Price is so very important to expecting moms, but so is being able to trust and confide in the perfect partner. As far as that partner goes, clothing and pregnancy wise, Motherhood Maternity is ideal for not only clothing that makes you feel and look beautiful but truly anything a would be mom can think of to help her on the journey that is motherhood.

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BabiesRUs: For all things baby products, you can't top BabiesRUs

Few brands have the ability to draw attention in name value alone.

You can point to names like "Star Wars," "Barbie," or "Apple" as ones that need no introduction, simply because you know as soon as you say them, you're in the midst of longevity, credibility and, in the case of retailers, quality and service that is impeccable.

You can add BabiesRUs to that renowned, lauded list as well.

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When you sit and think about baby products and all things baby related, how can you look anywhere else but a brand that is completely trusted in that field, an expert in not only the products but what customers ultimately want when they buy anything from a stroller to a car seat.

Parents don't have to be reminded just how important products are for their babies, whether those are concerns or questions rooted in safety or quality, and Babies R Us boasts both of those extremely well with the products they carry and ultimately sell to the general public. The same goes for those individuals who are in the market for buying a gift, and wanting the certainly that where they buy it is just as important as what it is.

As for selection, Babies R Us again is that retailer that you simply trust because of their penchant and poise in the marketplace but also the intense passion they have to be the very best, one stop shopping spot for all things baby related. That includes not only the aforementioned strollers and car seats, but also the simple (diapers) to the parents ready to furnish a room completely for the new baby with furniture and room decor from BabiesRUs that is second to none.

The convenience for moms and dads to be able to avoid running from one place to another and instead simply have that peace of mind that everything they need is in one store is remarkable assuring for parents, and the ease only gets better with being able to get all of it online with BabiesRUs. The retailer features the same great in store products on their web site for direct to door ordering, offering the ability for those busy parents to simply point and click to get the products they want. You can save even more with BabiesRUs Promotion Codes, which offer savings above and beyond what is listed, along with a certain percentage off an order or free shipping, for example.

Believing that baby product shopping is inconsequential or one store is the same as the other simply doesn't work. You want to feel secure in what you buy and who you buy from, and BabiesRUs gives parents, aunts, uncles, friends or anyone buying for a baby the safety blanket they'll need to know the purchase was perfect.

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Easy does it: Why best baby products make parenting that much easier

No one is ever going to admit that parenting is easy.
They may tell you that certain baby products at least alleviate some of the stress of it.
Whether you're new to being moms and dads or you're on your fourth child, and haven been a parent for quite some time, very few will argue the point that in 2016, baby products that make things that much easier at home or on the go are coveted.
In fact, they're desired.
Being parents takes patience first and the ability to multi task, underscored with that want and need to be the very best at what you do on a daily basis as it relates to your children.

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But moms and dads aren't super heroes, although you'd be hard pressed not to believe that when you watch them balance parenting and life in general, so they'll look to having anything from top of the line strollers to a highly relaxing baby tub that soothes your newborn yet allows you the satisfaction that you're doing exactly what you want for your child.
Take for instance the simple art of bathing your child, newborn specifically.
How fussy can a child be when you're trying to give them a bath so why wouldn't you want your child to be on the brink of total relaxation.
Fischer Price created a tub that is equal parts functionality with giving a bath to your baby and also relaxation with a light vibration that allows your baby to calmly bathe and avoid that outburst and difficulty with bath time.
Every parent likes the idea of a stroller that allows them to live their life as well, and that is apparent with the sleek designs of strollers today, mostly the one that is dubbed "the jogger" from Graco. This isn't suggesting that you should be flying down the sidewalk at full speed, but rather gives you the option what the name suggests: jog.
Fischer Price also is at it again with a jumper that allows parents to jump for joy for under $100 that is chocked full of fun, education and motor skill oriented games that will keep your child busy for quite some time and help develop their hand and eye coordination for at least the first year or so.
It's hard to imagine life without the toys and gadgets, accessories and fun that is parenthood mixed with the items that they all want.
And, more important, the products they need.

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Daddy's home: How to bond with baby as a new dad

I'm a dad for the first time. It's easy to see after watching my wife through pregnancy, all the morning sickness, bloating and birth how she's the one the baby will bond with most. Do I feel like the odd man out?
Honestly, not really but I do ask myself the question about my role and just what I can do to be the best new dad I can be, to support both my son and my wife as the journey from pregnancy to parenting begins.
My wife did so well while she was pregnant, took everything in stride, and I tried to be the best husband given what she was experiencing, both the good and the bad.
Now the attention turns to being a dad (for the first time) and making sure the process is seamless. I really want to be the one who carries the burden of this newborn all on my shoulders, at least as much as I can do. A lot of it boils down to showing my wife I can pick up the slack that I feel was there when she was carrying our child. She did it all, now I want to do the same for her.
So what exactly is my role as a new dad in relationship to my wife? How do I bond with my baby?

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From what I've read, my role and what I should be doing for my wife and newborn is act as the person who carries the burden for the day to day process and whatever live throws at us as a family. That means I'll be the one to handle the bills, make sure my wife and child aren't disturbed in any way possible with anything trivial, even if that means something as trivial as answering the door or making sure if the phone rings, I'm the gatekeeper of all of it, sales calls or even friends. If mom and baby are busy, I'm your guy.
As the dad, I still can join in where I want and needed to. If that means I'll give baby a bath every other day in the afternoon, then so be it. I have to remember I can enjoy in the same joys of parenting my wife does, as long as I make it a point to stay connected to that process.
Being a dad is a dream come true, and one that I'm going to take one day at a time, just as long as I have a better understanding what those days are going to consist of on a practical and emotional level.

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Seat cushioned: How safe are baby car seats?

Is it the seat itself or how parents install them?
That is the question that plagues the majority of parents and consumer groups, manufacturers and others concerned with the safety of children as it relates to car seats.
The one statistics that is quite sobering and all too apparent when this discussion hits the forefront is that almost 100 percent of parents believe that they install car seats correctly while 75 percent are actually installed incorrectly.
That suggests that the car seats themselves might not be the issue as much as the person or parents collectively that are installing them.
Then again, the same study supports that it might be a combination of the two.

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A consumer report suggested that 50 percent or more of the car seats made available posted head risk injury when they crash tested them. As of four years ago, kids that are two years old have to be in rear facing car seats, and older kids as old as 12 in booster seats until they reach certain age requirements.
So the numbers and the testing of the seats suggest that maybe the products aren't the best and parents and others who are putting kids in car seats aren't doing it correctly.
Seems like a no win situation across the board.
But when you take a closer look, you can ascertain some information from these studies and reports. First, you have to take into consideration the driving habits and lack of defensive driving, which isn't noted in the study.
As far as the car seats and installation, that's when advocacy groups and internet groups come into play as far as how they're installed but more importantly which ones are purchased and if they meet the needs of safety that you'd come to expect.
Any time products are tested, you have to look at which ones because you can't test them all, and even the most ardent reports can be viewed, but you have to do more research as a parent than just one. That begs the question to as to how much time parents spend on researching which car seat to buy on their own time, too. This isn't to say they don't care about the car seat; chances are that's paramount to picking more so than any other product they'll buy for their kids. But you have to wonder if time strapped parents are going to do a whole host of research too. That's why the combination of consumer reports and your own research is key, along with not immediately accepting the first seat you buy. Just because you buy a car seat doesn't mean you have to keep it; if you don't like the looks of it or how it is installed, then take it back.
No product is perfect, but that doesn't mean you can't make the perfect decision as a parent on which seat to buy based on a lot of time put into the purchase.

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